Sunday, 27 August 2017

Heartwarming - and terrifying!


  1. Terrifying, certainly. I am reminded of the 11-yearold Robin Birley who was taken into the tiger enclosure at Howletts Zoo by the owner and his mother Annabelle Goldsmith and was mauled and horribly disfigured. Another 3 keepers were subsequently killed at Howletts because of the relaxed attitude to safety measures. I don't know much, but I would suggest sticking your face anywhere near the jaws of a big cat is sheer folly. Who knows how they are going to react? If you have ever been bitten or raked by a domestic cat [also highly unpredictable] then multiply it by a factor of 50+. Very scary footage. Don't think much of the safety fence either. Otherwise, a great post.

    1. I get nervous around horses and cows, let alone lions. And in the past few days my wife has had to remove a moth and a spider from our living room while I crouched half-way up the stairs, whimpering.