YouTube Channel

I post most of the music I create on my YouTube Channel. You can visit it by clicking here. The channel name is "Fulminators" and the songs are credited to "The Fulminators" - which is, I suppose, the teenage band I wish I'd belonged to.

I create the songs on an iMac using the Garageband sequencer, a 49-key M-Audio KeyStudio MIDI keyboard, Samson condenser microphone, a Telecaster, and a Taylor acoustic. I occasionally record the Tele through a Zoom GFX-8 effects processor plugged into a Behringer pre-amp, but I usually plug the guitar lead straight into a Monster Cable dongle attached to the computer and use the effects provided by Garageband. I occasionally use the virtual instruments available on Apple's various Jam Pack bundled offerings  - mainly Rhythm and Symphony.
(Some of the older songs were created on a Dell PC, using the Cubase sequencer and Steinberg virtual instruments.)

The Telecaster is a standard black US model bought eighteen years ago. I've had to replace the bit where you plug in the lead - and that's it. It's comfortable to play, and, since I replaced the light-gauge strings (which I thought would make me play like James Burton) with a much heavier set a decade ago, the sound is great - especially when using a Boss Digital Delay pedal plugged into a 15W Fender practice amp. I chose the Tele because I was very into country music at the time - but it suits all of my favourite styles, and the superb array of effects on offer these days means the inherent sound of the guitar has become largely irrelevant.

I bought a second-hand Japanese acoustic - a Yamaki - 25 years ago. It has a narrow finger-board and produces a decent enough sound. I still have it and I still play it. But when I took guitar lessons from 2000 - 2005 (my technique was truly appalling) my teacher persuaded me to buy a better guitar, so I bought a mid-range Taylor. Taylor is a small Californian company which produces some of finest Country guitars you can buy. My Taylor 314 has a rosewood finger-board, Elixir strings, and the sound it produces is simply wonderful - deep, loud, sparkly  and rich - even when I play it.