Cool Cat Wild!

Cool Cat Wild! is another of my blogs, created to house all of the posts about popular music to be found on The Grønmark Blog.

The new blog will concentrate - but by no means exclusively - on roots stuff: rockabilly, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, hillbilly boogie, soul etc. In other words, it'll largely be about the music of the American South and all its offshoots.

I've done this for two reasons. First, when it comes to information about artists and recordings, there are some really decent sites covering this kind of music, but (as far as I can see) very little fan writing worth reading. I'm hoping that a few fellow enthusiasts who just want to read about the music will eventually find the site and derive some enjoyment from it.

Second, I don't want roots music fans to be confused or put off by my social or political fulminations (although I suspect many people who enjoy this sort of music aren't of a notably liberal disposition). I'll still post all my musical posts on this blog - so bad luck!

The Cool Cat Wild! blog can be found at

The title is a quote from at least two rockabilly classics, and the "description" beneath it is a quote from another. The first reader to email me with the titles will win my admiration - but no prize.

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