Just Leave Us Alone!

Just Leave Us Alone! is a new blog where I'll publish all the political posts from this site in one handy spot, for those of you who find all the non-political stuff on this blog distracting or even alarming.

In case there's  doubt in any visitor's mind, I'm a right-wing, Thatcherite, Small State free marketeer who believes that this country's ruling left-liberal elite are an absolute shower determined to tell the rest of us what to do, think and feel, while spending our money on ridiculous social engineering projects whose main purpose is to make them feel good about themselves.

You  can visit Just Leave Us Alone! by clicking this link!


  1. This visitor has no doubts - You are a twat, frankly. And a Tory. Double jeopardy. Have a nice day.

    1. Yes, I too made a horrendous wrong turn somewhere and ended up here aswell. Yikes, bye.

  2. I may very well be a twat, and I have been accused of being a Tory. But my first name is Scott, not Frankly.

    Glad to have cleared that up.