Sunday, 27 August 2017

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, where everything is just so unfair and facts don't matter...

The above was presumably written by the side of Polly's Tuscan swimming pool...

Remember - austerity = a slight drop in the rate at which government spending increases.
Dignity? Oh dear!
What about finding a job where you don't have to work late? Or not having children whom you can't spend enough time with?
One thing? Really?
But capitalism didn't fail in Greece - and the main lesson it teaches us is to stay out of the EU. Mind you, Greece isn't the only Southern European country poor old backward, benighted Britain should emulate, apparently - there's always that economic powerhouse, Portugal:
I found that headline strangely reminiscent of something else little Owen once wrote...
I think the lesson to learnt here is that everyone should leave Portugal as fast as they can.
Why - because the British economy continues to do well despite Project Fear's predictions of economic collapse the instant we voted to leave?  
When the Left's arguments fail, they deploy two weapons - rioting and jeering. The rioting hasn't worked - support for Brexit has actually increased since the referendum - so set the insult controls to maximum!
Saying we mustn't be "slaves" to DNA is the same as saying we mustn't be slaves to facts - but, after all, this is the Guardian.
Because even death is a class issue?  
Men - we're all guilty, in a very real sense.
In that case, what about treating misandry (i.e. hatred of men) as a hate crime, Sue?
Because, of course, the average American's view of his own country depends almost entirely on pronouncements issuing from an utterly discredited organisation largely run by and for fascist kleptocrat tyrants. Nevertheless, I wouldn't like to give the impression that the Guardian is in any way institutionally anti-American:
Mind you, the Guardian isn't the only British publication peddling contra-factual tosh:
I'm confused, because I distinctly remember most of the bigoted, xenophobic, anti-English racist comments in the lead-up to the 2014 referendum coming from...Scots Nats!  Of course, the Guardian isn't the only media organisation busily trying to rewrite human nature:
I'm looking forward to the follow-up article: "The Experiment: Are you sure there's anything wrong with giving masculine toys to boys and feminine toys to girls?" 

I'll leave you with a sensible tweet from someone who definitely doesn't write for Guardian or The National, and who seems to have been banned from appearing on the BBC:

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