Thursday, 5 July 2018

World Cup Derangement Syndrome - I blame the heat, and the horrible, vindictive, mean-spirited New Left

Probably best to wait until the end of the match before tweeting, Dummkopf.  So much for the Daily Mirror associate editor - I wonder how the Guardian reacted to England's win? 

If anyone could be bothered reading Steve's article, please let me know what he was wittering on about.  There was an absolute deluge of this sort of mean-spirited nonsense on social media - here's a typical example:
This is how a civilisation dies: with a pathetic whimper, not a bang. 

The Sun, meanwhile, produced this headline before the Colombia match:
Not everyone approved:
In case you were in any doubt, Ellie writes for The Guardian. Evidently chastised by all the criticism, The Sun tried to make amends following England's victory:
Piers Morgan was similarly contrite when Colombians tweeters objected to his criticisms of the Colombia team's sportsmanship:
Hard to argue with Guy Verhoftwat's logic:
Luckily, Newsnight's former economics editor is always on hand to offer some good, old-fashioned Corbynite patriotism:
Me, I'm with this bloke - and I'm not even English:
It seems the great Benjamin Zephyr Zodiac (who has been worryingly quiet of late) might have a worthy successor as People's Poet (though, unlike BZZ, I suspect Titania McGrath may be a vile satirist):
Why has the New Left got its knickers into such a twist over a game of football? I'll leave it to a German - Kristian Niemietz of the Institute of Economic Affairs - to explain:
I'll leave you with a sentiment I'm sure we can all get behind: 

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