Thursday, 5 July 2018

Trans-Everything! Mocking virtue-signalling cultural Marxists really is the most effective strategy

The most-viewed item I've posted this year was Tracy Ullman's "You Woke" sketch. No surprise...

...really: most of us here and in the US have simply had enough of these ridiculous little SJW crybullies, and feel exasperated that our cowardly politicians, idiot clergymen, cultural Marxist broadcasters, spineless academics - even the police and the military, for God's sake - have allowed identity politics hucksters and their shrill robot army of young supporters to set the political and social agenda. Enough already with the constant stream of perniciously divisive propaganda about transgenderism, race, gender, the LGBT "community", xenophobia, multiculturalism, diversity, equality etc.

You know how bad things have got when all the UK's Conservative Prime Minister seems to want to talk about is racial equality and the gender pay-gap! Do us a favour, Theresa - we're almost as bored by all that guff as we are by your pathetically inept dithering over Bexit! If this "embarrassingly clueless auntie trying to get down with the young folk" shtick is all you have to offer,  step the hell aside and let a proper conservative take over before you've managed to turn glorious victory into humiliating defeat. 

Mind you, I've always said  that the best way to inoculate young people against the poison of identity politics is to make it seem terminally uncool - and Mrs May's support for it may prove as effective in creating a resistance movement as Hillary Clinton's was in the States. So, on second thoughts, carry on, Mrs M!

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