Tuesday, 10 July 2018

If you don't support Mrs May and/or the Chequers proposal...

If you don't support her/it, you'll be handing the keys of No.10 to Jeremy Corbyn. 

- No, your blithering incompetence, lack of political judgment, and pathetic inability to control the narrative will be to blame for that.

If you don't support her/it, you'll destroy the Conservative Party for a generation. 

- If this is the best the party can do, it deserves to be destroyed. Besides, it's now a quasi-socialist, big state, high tax, politically correct, social justice outfit - no longer either traditionally conservative or classically liberal - so what's the bloody point of the thing?...

If you don't support her/it, you'll be playing into the EU's hands - they want us to be intransigent.
- No, the EU wants Britain to bend over and grabs its ankles - which is pretty much what the British government has done for last two years. It wants to humiliate Britain so britally that no other country will even think of voting to leave.

If you don't support her/it, you'll be betraying the voters, who made it clear that they preferred a "soft" Brexit.

- Voters voted to leave the EU. They wanted a stop to mass immigration, they wanted foreign criminals kicked out, and they wanted to stop having to follow rules and laws forced on them by foreign bureaucrats. What they didn't want Britain to do was agree to hand over a £40Bn fee and offer an endless list of wholly unjustified concessions just to be allowed to start negotiations. And they didn't expect a British Prime Minister to submit a list of concessions to the Chancellor of Germany before sharing it with either her Brexit Secretary or Foreign Secretary. 

If you don't support her/it, you'll be destroying even more jobs than the three million George Osborne said we'd lose by now if we voted for Brexit.

- I think you've answered your own point.

If you don't support her/it, we'll be forced to crash out of the EU without a deal.

- Excellent!

If you don't support her/it, it'll prove you're not adult enough to accept compromises.

- This is capitulation, not compromise.

If you don't support her/it, you're just positioning yourself for a run at the leadership. 

- Well, I wasn't thinking of applying for the job, actually - but if you're implying that Boris Johnson and David Davis resigned for that reason, I suspect you're wrong. In any case, it doesn't really matter, because, for whatever reason, they've done the right thing - the consistent thing: they signed up to deliver Brexit, and they don't think the Chequers proposal delivers Brexit. No need to get all Machiavelli about it.

If you don't support her/it, it means you refuse to accept that the electorate just want Mrs May to get on with the job.

- If only she had! Her only hope now - more importantly, the country's only hope - is that the EU rejects her Uriah Heepish surrender document outright, thus (with any luck) forcing Mrs May to either resign in humiliation or to become a born-again No Dealer and do what she bloody well promised to do.

If you don't support her/it, it just means you haven't grasped the fact that the proposals pave the way for an incremental uncoupling from the EU, you dunderhead. 

- Yeah, I know that's the Hannan/Carswell line, but it's bollocks. Maybe they imagine that, as the EU finds itself increasingly distracted by even more pressing threats to its existence, it will accede to further British demands for greater autonomy with a wave of the hand and a weary, "Whatever!". But that's not how it operates (as they well know) - Britain would be in the position of one of those battered wives who, at the last minute, refuses to press charges, and, on the understanding that he's very, very sorry, has learned his lesson, hasn't had a drink in weeks, and that he'll never abuse her or the kids again, allows her thuggish spouse to come crawling back. We all know what happens next. Britain has one opportunity to get out of this abusive relationship alive - and that opportunity is now!

Oh, look! Two Tory MPs have just quit their roles as Conservative Party Vice-Chairmen -  Maria Caulfield and Ben Bradley. It really is just a matter of time, now. The quicker the better.

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