Monday, 2 July 2018

Monday muppets, monsters and marvels - transgenderism, paedophilia, Hoillywood sex dungeons and, er...Brexit

Damn! Yet another of life's little pleasures I'm going to have to forsake:
I suppose that's NFH - i.e. Normal for Hollywood. Here's how they tested helmets back in 1912:

But the real mystery is what Jacob Rees-Mogg is doing in the background. Is he a time-traveller? In  which case, was he actually a Member of Parliament in the 18th Century?

Meanwhile, anti-Brexit pain-in-the-backside Gina Miller seems convinced that the best way to convince Brexiteers to switch sides is to suggest they're ignorant:
(a) Women's rights in this country have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the sodding EU, (b) most of these women are utterly ghastly, (c) what planet must you live on to believe that mentioning Cherie Blair is the way to go?, and (d) what exactly would it take for you snooty metropolitan elitists to finally realise that your grotesque arrogance makes most Britons want to projectile-vomit?

Talking of Brexit, given all the acres of coverage devoted to the ridiculous "fake news" story about Russia influencing the referendum outcome, I'm looking forward to a similar amount of outrage over the now undeniable fact that then-prime minister David Cameron deliberately asked a foreign country to influence British voters:
This chap's an American actor, apparently: 
Andrew Klavan asked for some clarification:
Perhaps this remarkably accurate portrait of non-president Hillary Clinton on his bedroom wall would help lift Mr Black's spirits:
It's always heartening when bright people try to help the intellectually-challenged:
Piers Morgan asked Bryony Gordon an extremely pertinent question: 
Labour MP Dawn Butler confirmed her status as one of her party's outstanding intellects by explaining that real purpose of "austerity":
And there the rest of us were, imagining that the slight (temporary) slowdown in the rate of increase in government spending was just the Tories trying to clear up the inevitable economic mess caused by Gordon Brown's catastrophic mishandling of the economy - and the fact that, as Mrs. Thatcher liked to point out, the problem with socialists is that they always end up running out of other people's money. 

As for this next item, I suggest the government supplies the UN with a list of those member nations which are both much poorer than the UK and have truly appalling records on human rights - which would, I imagine, be most of them. Or (and this would be my preferred option), tell the UN's "expert" to fuck right off and mind their own fucking business:
The attempt by the cultural Marxists of the media to pave the way for the general acceptance of paedophilia continue unabated:
While their use of children as weapons in the fight to normalise transgenderism has gone into overdrive:
As far as I'm concerned, this third and final example of the trend amounts to child abuse:
I have no idea how the people who allowed an "amazing" ten-year old boy to end up in this state - and the "journalists" responsible for reporting his plight approvingly - can sleep at night. Oh, that's right - their liberal-leftists. 

Shame on them!

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