Saturday, 9 June 2018

These are the jokes, folks!

Now, this is what I call customer service!:

I thought this next one was a parody tweet - but it's genuine!
Presumably, like the New York Times Journalism Institute 2018 intake, "diversity" doesn't include white men - it's almost as if they're prejudiced against us!:
Mind you, all that diversity doesn't seem to have affected the NYT's ability to maintain its editorial standards:
I also thought this one was a parody - because, after all, why would the Met be squandering money on "carbon management" smack dab in the middle of a rape, burglary, mugging and stabbing epidemic? - but no, it's real!:
This  one is more panic-inducing than funny - imagine being the poor editor responsible for deciphering James Joyce's corrected proofs!:
I was going to leave this one out - but I couldn't resist:
Yes, he really is:

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