Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Jokes, jibes and broadsides of the week - and it's only Wednesday!

Runner-up: Charlie Peters...

Bronze medal: The Hood Oracle...
This one almost made it onto the medal-winners' rostrum...
...but I find it increasingly hard to laugh at examples of the British police turning into the thought police. 

Special commendation: Jo Maugham QC...
I was initially reluctant to include Jolyon's tweet, on the grounds that he might actually mean it, but I realised that a leading British barrister couldn't possibly fail to see the problem with making statements for which absolutely no supporting evidence can be produced - and that he certainly wouldn't forget to mention that a majority of Welsh voters also rejected Brexit. Nice one, Jo! 

The "Most Magnificently Disdainful Tweet of the Week" Award is jointly awarded to the distinguished Scottish composer and conductor, Sir James MacMillan :
...and to the Hollywood actor James Woods, who is, thankfully, not mellowing with age:
Ooof! Meanwhile, this Norman Rockwell painting reminds me of a photograph I saw this week - but I just can't remember which one:
Speaking of The Donald, I wonder if Canada's testicularly-challenged, fake-eyebrow-wearing leader will in future think twice about needlessly dissing the Head of the Five Families in public: 
I'll end with something that should cheer us all up:

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