Saturday, 9 June 2018

Our mad, mad, mad, mad, faux-compassionate, progressivist world - a snapshot

This Guardian story may be the most tragic piece of news so far this year:
HALT BREXIT NOW! Mind you, if the Guardian isn't worrying about childcare, it's celebrating the joy of not having kids:

Banal? Really? Meanwhile, what's been exciting that other bastion of "wokeness", the BBC? This, apparently:
As far as I can tell, the only speech being routinely censored on twitter is of the conservative variety. 

When you start salami-slicing society into its constituent victim groups, it doesn't half result in a terrible progressivist tangle:
One's heart bleeds, it really does. 

Has anyone out there listened to any of Radio 4's output recently? We tuned in a few times on the drive back from Cornwall. On The Archers, a mother whose son had finally come out as gay said she felt guilty that he'd had to wrestle with it on his own as a teenager. But I'm pretty sure all teenage boys go through that particular phase - at least until they can find someone else willing to wrestle with it. Ever time we changed the CD, we caught a snippet of another programme. Scheduling now seems to involve nothing more than cycling between the standard list of modish left-liberal causes - anti-transgender prejudice, black inequality, women's rights, gay rights, the terrible struggles of immigrants in Brexit Britain, the Grenfell Tower victims, the unspeakable awfulness of Donald Trump etc. A woman of my acquaintance - a keen R4 listener - recently remarked that Woman's Hour seemed to have escaped the confines of its original one hour slot to take over the whole of the schedule - I suspect she and Rod Liddle might find themselves in agreement:
Speaking of privileged women moaning on the BBC...
...which is no doubt why this Labour peer sent her son to the £19,000 a year private school, Dulwich College, which has an entrance exam for 11-year olds. Beyond parody. 

The last time I checked, the BBC is supposed to be politically neutral - perhaps someone could point this out to seemingly ubiquitous corporation news presenter Mishal Hussain?:
Why exactly is a BBC presenter taking up the cudgels on behalf a religious pressure group which has a distinctly dodgy record regarding anti-Semitism, homophobia and a whole host of other issues? For some reason, I was reminded of something the sainted Thomas Sowell once wrote:
Probably the silliest subject exercising the nation's virtue-signalling classes in recent weeks has been the entirely fictional problem of poor parents not being able to afford "sanitary products" for their daughters:
I've raised this next tragic case of galloping Brexit Derangement Syndrome several times already - but, for God's sake, does this poor man have no friends willing to stage an intervention?:
Talking of Brexit Derangement Syndrome...
And the Anglican Church wonders why its pews are so empty?

When it comes to organisations being destroyed by utterly useless leaders, the Archbishop of Canterbury has some stiff competition:
And yet, while Corbyn's Labour Party may have captured the public sector middle class vote, its lack of patriotism - it's positive hatred for this country - is driving the rest of the electorate into Mrs. May's arms:
But, of course, if she fails to deliver Brexit, goes on sucking up to the EU's arrogant, unelected leaders, and continues to alienate this country's most powerful ally, those C2DE voters will turn their backs on her and her wretched party. For God's sake woman - stop listening to your advisors, and start listening to the country! Look, the rapidly-failing, undemocratic, socialist behemoth to which you seem determined to keep Britain shackled in perpetuity actually dreams up this sort of bollocks:
And the country which runs the EU has managed to reduce itself to this pitiful state:
Yes, we know the feeling, mate!

Now, America - where progressivists are even madder than they are here. Let's start with Starbucks, which recently got into trouble with the Left-Liberal Blob because an employee at one of their coffee shops objected (quite reasonably) to two black men wanting to use the restroom at the same time, without buying anything:
Oh, grow a spine! Listen, if a "customer" has no intention of buying anything, then he or she isn't a customer. You're welcome - have nice day!
Please tell me you're joking? You're not? Then you're a silly, hysterical, miserable po-faced bore - and a truly world-class CAUC. Don't have a nice day!

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