Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Riots in Ferguson - once more, the liberal media confuse savagery with justifiable anger

The story of how the fascist police had to save Chris Schaefer from the victim group he was so comically eager to support can be read here.

As soon as a grand jury announced its decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for shooting to death a menacing black thug, savages swarmed onto the streets and did what they usually do - attacking, burning, wrecking, and looting. The liberal media saw all this as an expression of anger born of social injustice - i.e. what we were witnessing was the righteous fury of an oppressed minority denied its rights. Of course, what we were witnessing was actually an explosion of conscienceless evil - stupid, greedy, lazy, useless people making a deliberate decision to throw off the chafing shackles of self-restraint in order to allow their baser instincts free rein. When one section of society decides to step outside of civilisation in order to give vent to their selfish urges (whether they be bankers or Occupy protesters) the ones who suffer are inevitably those who practice the traditional protestant virtues of self-restraint, self-reliance, self-improvement, deferred gratification and hard work. 

The weird thing about all this is the willingness of large sections of the Western media to give credence to the protesters' preferred narrative - i.e. that their actions are inspired by noble motives, that life never gave them a chance, that this is their only means of fighting back. (If I were them, I'd get organised and vote in a black president who would in turn appoint a black attorney general to address their grievances - that should work nicely). It never seems to occur to the rioters or their leftist supporters that it's unreasonable to allow one section of society to act on it instincts while expecting the rest of society - the cops, the shopkeepers, the small businessmen, the employees who work hard to support their families and never ask for hand-outs - to keep a check on their natural instincts. When one part of the tribe loses its head, why don't liberal journalists feel the need to celebrate the rest of the tribe for keeping theirs? The same bizarre double-standards apply to the Middle East, where our broadcasters seem positively eager to excuse the behaviour of Arab mobs and terrorist groups like Hamas, while remorselessly attacking Israel when it reacts with remarkable mildness to insufferable provocation.

What happens when the rest of society's habitual restraint begins to wear thin can be witnessed in this confrontation, in which former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani loses it with some loud-mouthed, standard-issue race huckster:

My thoughts are with the good people of Ferguson - black and white: the police officers, the storekeepers, the small businessmen, the employees who drag themselves out of bed to put in an honest day's work to support their families: in other words, the people who build civilisations. The rest can fuck off.    


  1. Some more worthwhile content on these events at the blog of a Mississippian called Hunter Wallace :


    1. Thanks for that. And apologies for originally putting up the same video twice in this post - I've now inserted the correct Giuliani video.

  2. I switched on the television last night to watch the news and saw a large crowd inside a store fighting over electrical goods. I presumed this was footage of looting from Ferguson, but it was coverage of an event called "Black Friday" from a Tesco store somewhere in the UK. I am not quite sure of the exact nature of this event [perhaps an attempt to invest "the shopping experience" with dignity and elegance - I note that both Amazon and High&Mighty have tried to muscle in], but something had obviously gone wrong.
    It reminded me of some lines from Homer's "Iliad" [well, Patrick Leigh Fermor was always coming up with this "segue" so why can't I use it?] :
    "But if a clamorous vile plebeian rose,
    Him with reproof he checked or tamed with blows
    'Be still, thou slave, and to thy betters yield;
    Unknown alike in council and in field!
    Be silent, wretch, and think not here allowed
    That worst of tyrants, an usurping crowd."*
    Brigadier Reggie Dyer used to know a thing or two about "usurping crowds" [he had a very effective way of dealing with them] and would probably have agreed in the main with the statement "The Universe does not give a fuck about what you want" from one of your clips - although he would have couched it differently. Another excellent post, in my humble estimation.
    * The Alexander Pope translation, natch.