Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Books, films, magazines: a disturbing mixture of reality and parody...

Real or parody?...

...Real, actually. I was going to start with a parody book cover featuring the Hardy Boys and an entertainment industry figure who's in the news a lot right now, because it made me cry with laughter. But my old news training kicked in and I had to admit that I had rarely seen anything more libellous - you can just about get away with that sort of thing in the USA, but not here. So here's an unrelated parody film poster instead:

From the title, I'd guess that this 1932 film was later remade as Top Gun:
I think this is parody - but so many people have given up wheat around here, Guardian-readers would probably buy it for their kids by the bucketload:
This 1949 Dirk Bogarde film about speedway was released in the UK as Once a Jolly Swagman, in the US as the testosterone-charged Maniacs on Wheels - but the German title makes it sound distinctly unappealing: 
Is there a court in the land that would convict?:
And to think that Newquay used to be a nice, sedate holiday destination:
Don't say you weren't warned:
This may not be the best LP title of all time:
This reminds me that I haven't checked Twitter for a couple of days:
I don't remember the Samba ever being quite this exciting:
One day we'll forgive them. Maybe:
Hey, this could be the next BBC costume drama (they could make one of the characters a black transexual and put solar panels on the roof of the mansion):
This next film would certainly have been funnier that than the released version:
I can picture this one stacked high at the local Waterstones:
Could it have something to do with being born there, Chuck?:


  1. I am sure you've sneaked in one of your own on-line edition book covers there but I can't work out which it is.

    1. Damn! How did you know? Okay, it was "Hollywood Homo" - I was going through a phase/needed the money/satisfying a long felt want/I apologise if anyone was offended by anything I may have done or written/I choose now to live as a gay man etc. I'll let you into another secret - the fetching young chap portrayed on the cover is me.

      There - I hope you're satisfied by having forced me to expose myself in public.

  2. Two books to rival "Hollywood Homo". One is "Ecce Homo" [tr. "Behold the Homo"] which is a semi-autobiography of Nietzsche who wore a suspiciously heavy moustache. And the other, " Un Homme Sérieux " [tr. "A Serious Homo"] which is an unpublished memoir by Marcel Proust. I should add that both my German and French is very shaky.