Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Aussie MP Bob Katter's instantaneous Jekyll/Hyde transformation...

Blimey! You wouldn't want...

...to spill his beer, would you? But give him his due: the veteran politician has been pretty damned consistent on the utter irrelevance of gay marriage. Here he is, five years ago, making the same point - only it was suicidal farmers rather than shark attacks back then:

Granted, he had to row back after endorsing a homophobic television advert, and he once claimed that there were no gays living in his constituency (i.e. no queens in Queensland). But I can't help admiring The Man in the Bateman Cartoon for refusing to cave in to left-liberal moral bullying over the issue of gay marriage (or whichever cause they happen to be obsessing about - transgenderism is evidently the current battering-ram being used to assault traditional values and embarrass conservatives). To be fair to Mr. Katter, he is actually reflecting the view of his constituents (something MPs don't tend to go in for much over here nowadays) - 133 Australian constituencies voted to legalise gay marriage last week, but North Queensland was one of the 17 that voted against. 

So good on you, Mad Katter! And if someone offers to give you media training, just say no.

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