Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A brilliant leader from The Sun - and BBC News's new strong, silent approach

Pity the Conservative Party chose not to...

...explain any of this during the election campaign as Mrs. May tacked remorselessly to the Left with silly nonsense about workers on boards and energy price caps. Yes, it does seem incredible that this has to be explained to voters all over again - but as almost every major politician since Mrs. Thatcher has shied away from a defence of capitalism, and as most voters under the age of 45 will have been taught the opposite in state schools and universities, we really shouldn't be that surprised. It's an extremely easy case to make, so, every Tory and every right-winger in the land - make it! Relentlessly!

Meanwhile, the first few minutes of last night's BBC's Ten O'Clock News as shown on the BBC News Channel contained more sense than many of their bulletins since the election. This is what viewers at home were treated to:

I've been involved in a few main bulletin disaster inquests in my time (not all of them my fault, I hasten to add), but I would dearly love to have been privy to the no doubt lively "discussion" that followed that one. 

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