Thursday, 22 June 2017

"Something in Arabic"? Gee, I wonder what it was...

Choose one of the following options...

(1) Excuse me, officer, I just wanted to thank you for your ongoing efforts to keep us all safe...

(2) Do you know where the Million Man Muslims Against Terrorism march is being held?

(3) There's a bunch of women in burqas over there, and they're creeping everyone out.

(4) Hot for this time of year, isn't it?

(5) That man over there just said America should be more careful about who it lets into the country. Please direct me to the nearest safe space.

(6) Fuck off, I'm Millwall!

(7) People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.

(8) You're about to become a victim of Islamophobia.

...or did he shout "Allahu Akhbar!" and, as he attempted to butcher the policeman with a 12" knife, follow it up with the statements 'You killed people in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan' and 'We're all going to die'?

Please send your answer to CNN. They'll be astonished by it.

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