Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The best and worst of Twitter in a time of madness

It's too hot to write anything, so here's a round-up of appalling, amusing and sensible tweets posted in the last few days, starting with revolutionary socialist, Diane Abbott, slamming the privileged elite:
...which is no doubt why her party wants to shut down all private schools. Meanwhile, the woman who was almost Home Secretary - and still might be - views terrorist attacks on Muslims as "terror attacks", while terrorist attacks by Muslims are merely "incidents":

Perhaps we've been wrong all this time, and it's actually inconsistency that's the hobgoblin of little - or, in this case, non-existent - minds. 

On to fellow Labour MP Clive Lewis, who was widely touted as Jeremy Corbyn's successor:
As for the next left-wing tweet on my list, I wish I'd seen it earlier so I could have warned all the middle class people from our local church collecting and delivering supplies for the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire at the weekend to relax and put their feet up:
Fortunately, not all left-wingers have entirely lost the moral plot:
Then again, he's a Blairite, and so is no doubt regarded by Corbyn's rabble as "Tory scum". 

I thought this was well put:
Just in case you imagine our SJWs are the most horrible in the world, here's the gay, liberal Star Trek actor George Takei displaying his compassion following the attempt by a Bernie Sanders supporter to murder Republican politicians last week:
Classy, Sulu - really classy. Back home, this J.K. Rowling tweet suggests she has a rather low opinion of imams:
Is she honestly surprised by a religious leader in Britain showing regard for human life? Perhaps she assumed he'd be screaming"Allah Akbar!" while stomping on the (alleged) perpetrator's head. But, then...
The other odd (but entirely predictable) aspect of leftist reaction to the Finsbury Park attack, is the way that, when Islamist terrorists strike, we're immediately told we must hold hands, unite, and sing "Imagine", and, whatever we do, we mustn't point the finger of blame at anyone, because that would "divide us" and that's exactly "what the terrorists want". When a white man (allegedly) attacks Muslims, the reaction is slightly less temperate:
Apparently, allowing a march in central London at which one of the speakers blamed the Grenfell Tower fire on... THE JOOOOOOZ - doesn't rate moral outrage from the Left:

This item actually made my flesh crawl:

Presumably, he was stroking a white cat and cackling while he made that statement. 

I don't often tweet comedians - unless they're striking moral poses - but these both struck me as eminently sensible:

Here's some good knockabout fare:
I've heard that young barristers are advised never to ask a question in court that they don't already know the answer to:

I'll end with a tweet from Bryony Gordon, here raising an issue that's long perplexed me:  

Why, indeed?


  1. I was once at a cocktail party [yes, remember these?] when a ghastly woman drawled loudly :" I can't make Saturday because I have to drop Jason and Troy off at their public school." The room went silent for a split-second while she carried on obliviously. Your Abbott quote reminded me of the incident.

    Re your comment about Bryony "Slobber Chops" Gordon the reason one seeks out such pieces is to confirm one's opinion and rail against their insufferable nincompoopery. To paraphrase Cato the Elder "Bryono Gordo delenda est!" Eternal vigilance.

  2. I do remember the cocktail party SDG. Wonderful things. Oh for your powers of recall.