Friday, 26 May 2017

The Behavioural Handbook for Bassett Hounds

You always respect your parents:
Let me repeat that: you always respect your parents:

 You are a considerate, gentle lover:
You sing melodiously: 
You appreciate your toys:
You adore days out at the seaside:
You love gambolling with your friends:
You respect and appreciate Nature:
You find the countryside an endless source of fascination:
There's nothing you enjoy more than a lovely bath:
You are always eager for a brisk outing:
You are always positively straining at the leash:
Okay, what about always frantically demanding walkies?
Oh, forget it! You make up for it by always laughing uproariously at your owner's lame jokes:
And by taking a keen interest in their opinions regarding current events:
And, of course, by obeying their every command:
You're a confident self-starter:
You are invariably the life and soul of the party:
You are innately elegant...
...and dignified:
You know when to keep your mouth shut:
You always show appreciation for the food your owners provide:
And you repay them by selflessly protecting them from danger:
And, of course, by being utterly delightful:

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