Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Ee, there's nowt like a good laff! - Election update

Madam, you speak for the many, not the few. Meanwhile, the Labour Uncut website dropped a bombshell earlier today...

Do you want to tell them, or shall I? 

I'm aware that some visitors to this blog view Boris Johnson as Bertie Wooster in  a fright wig - only without a Jeeves to get him out of scrapes. But, were he to be sacked, I'd really miss him:
One person I really wouldn't miss is the truly appalling "Baroness" Warsi (or Baroness Token, as she's widely known - or Baroness Khazi, if you prefer), who responded to a typically incisive television performance by the utterly splendid Douglas Murray with the following:
Waycist!!!  Was she really once the Co-Charwomanpersonthingmanwotsit of the Tory Party? And did that frightful virtue-signalling twit David Cameron really appoint this wretch to multiple government posts before she resigned because the Tories weren't sufficiently anti-Israel? Or was it all a horrible dream? Of course, should Jeremy Corbyn become prime minister in nine days time, her career will receive a timely boost:
One Tory cabinet minister was quick to express his heartfelt gratitude to the enlightened white massa:

Meanwhile, Labour-supporting "journalist" Paul Mason - still fondly remembered for his refusal to allow his lunatic far left opinions to colour his "reporting" during a 12-year stint as a senior editorial figure on Newsnight - was absolutely outraged that the BBC's Emma Barnett (an actual journalist) had had the effrontery to point out, during a live radio interview, that the man who wants to lead/destroy this country seemed entirely ignorant of the cost of the major policy he was launching that day:
Mind you, Mason wasn't the only Labour supporter to blame the journalist for doing her job well:
Let me translate this: "Allegations have surfaced that Emma Barnett is a Jew. Are the allegations true Emma?" Emma Barnett is indeed guilty of the crime of being Jewish. Which obviously means that she's a Zionist. Which, the use of the word "allegation"implies, is a crime in this country - at least, many of Jeremy "Kinder, Gentler Politics" Corbyn's followers seem to think is should be. Which may go some to explaining the following:

Goodness! Was it something Jeremy said? Talking of Hitler, a clapped-out, bitter old has-been of a left-wing politician was banging on about him again yesterday - and, for a change, it wasn't Ken Livingstone:
I, on the other hand, am horrified that the former leader of what was once a mainstream British political party would draw such a ludicrous, hysterical, inflammatory, insensitive, insulting and utterly unsupportable historical analogy. Then again, of all the politicians I came into contact with while working for the BBC at Westminster, Ashdown stands out in my memory as the most unpleasant. What a CAUC! 

I may have inadvertently given the impression that I'm very keen on the Conservatives, but given the sheer awfulness of the Tory manifesto, I'm thinking of switching my allegiance to the Green Party: 
On second thoughts... 

Back to the polls. It's hard to know which ones to trust, what with the figures going up and down like a whore's drawers for the past ten or eleven days. Summat's up, but no one seems to be sure what. For instance, Peter Kellner's YouGov last night broke ranks and predicted a hung parliament, while the Press Association's daily poll of polls this morning showed Labour nine points behind. I really wish I hadn't seen the YouGov nonsense just before going to bed last night: I simply couldn't get this terrifying prospect out of my head:
I wonder why Jeremy hasn't managed to "unlock" her "talent"?

Don't have nightmares. Do sleep well.


  1. Having spent a long time this morning trying to find an adult comment on the election in the DT [online version] I was comforted by Charles Moore's statement " Luckily too the British voting public is not the same as a BBC studio audience."

    I just mention the fact that Ms Bryony Gordon [I know she has been awarded temporary sainthood status by this blog] has three articles running [on J.Corbyn, cellulite and Ariane Grande] in the current edition plus a podcast [40-minutes] about the meltdown of someone called Will Young.

    In terms of ubiquity she is now being challenged by another female journalist called Radhika Sanghana.

    Nightmare scenario for the morning of 9th June: the Scottish Nationalists prevail in my constituency; the Red Menace takes power in Westminster; and the Daily Telegraph is completely taken over by female journalists.
    Please say it will not be so.

    1. I can't promise that the SNP won't win in your neck of the woods, or that the DT won't be entirely taken over by female journalists - but, despite the appalling deficiencies of the Tory campaign and their idiotic manifesto, it still strikes me as extremely unlikely that Steptoe and his chums will prevail next Thursday. What seems odd about some of the polls (YouGov and Survation in particular) is that the people doing the actual campaigning on the ground - from both of the main parties - aren't aware of any great surge in support for Labour since the start of the campaign. Whatever happens, some polling companies are going to have egg all over their faces - let's just hope the country doesn't.