Thursday, 1 June 2017

I wonder what this left-wing journalist have said if they'd been Tory or UKIP supporters, rather than Labourites

Spot the sleight of hand here? It's the graceful glide from...

...the particular (Labour Party activists' intolerant thuggishness) to the general ("politics"). It's been going on for years.

Labour activists accused of committing electoral fraud? It's not a sign that the Labour Party is corrupt, or that Asians have brought some of their Third World habits with them. No, it's a case of politics in this country becoming more corrupt.

Labour activists try to stop journalists from asking questions at a press conference? It's a sign of growing yobbery in "politics".

Labour supporters post hateful messages and threats against political opponents (especially moderates within their own party) on social media? "Society" is becoming less tolerant.

Labour activists regularly spew out anti-Semitic (oh sorry - anti-Zionist) insults on social media, and at public gatherings? Quick! Look! Brexit supporters are committing zillions of hate crimes! UKIP supporters and the Conservative Party are so racist!

To be fair, it isn't yet quite as bad here as it is across the Atlantic, where practically every left-wing pundit and journalist blamed post-election rioting and an anti-Right, anti-Trump social media (and mainstream media) hate-storm on - right-wing Donald Trump supporters, of course! You see, Trump's incendiary, racist, homophobic, misogynistic rhetoric was the real problem - what else could social justice warrior fascists do in the face of such unbelievable provocation?

Similarly, whenever a Muslim commits a terrorist act in the West, it's the fault of society, poverty, white racism, a lack of inclusivity, government cuts, foreign policy, Israel, Nigel Farage, the Daily Mail etc. It is never - ever - because the murderer was a Muslim, or because there's a problem with Islam, or because of immigration policy, or multiculturalism etc. If a right-winger commits a terrorist act (which, be honest, is extremely rare) then the cause it simple: it's specifically because he's a right-winger - and, in general, people are still just about allowed to express right-wing opinions, which, of course, creates a climate of fear and hatred and prejudice...

It has been like this for decades - perhaps forever. Remember - Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy because of the sickness at the heart of American society (which was all the fault of the paranoid, fear-mongering Right); not, obviously, because he was a fanatical communist.

Same old, same old.

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