Monday, 18 June 2018

Angela Merkel's reaction to Donald Trump's latest tweet...

Here is that tweet:

And just for emphasis:
Looks as if Mrs. Merkel enjoys the same warm relationship with The Donald as does our own PM! 

Why does one get the sense that POTUS didn't exactly have a whale of a time at the recent G7 summit?

In case the UK media's slavishly pro-Democrat Trump coverage has left you with the impression that his hold on power is as tenuous as Mrs. Merkel's, his current approval ratings are on a par with Obama's and Reagan's at the same point in their presidencies. For an insightful analysis of just why this comically crude, bombastic bully is doing so well - and how he got into office in the first place - I recommend listening to a recent Andrew Klavan Show in which he interviewed Salena Zito, co-author of the recently-published The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics. Ms Zito, a syndicated columnist and CNN contributor, decided to visit five swing states to find out why so many Democrat voters switched to Trump - not by speaking to political "experts", but to the actual voters themselves. Her conclusions are fascinating - and, as far as I can tell, original. (She puts this down to the fact that she lives in Pittsburgh, and is therefore immune to Washington Beltway media groupthink). The 15-minute interview is available on YouTube, and starts at 27'30":

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