Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The Iranian treaty cancelled, Section 40 defeated, US prisoners freed by North Korea - Oh Happy Day!

I imagine my reaction would be...

..."Thank God Donald Trump is in the White House - he secured my release!" Must make a nice change for Americans to have a president who bullies his country's sworn enemies rather than concentrating his firepower on deeply patriotic American conservatives.
I hope I live long enough to see this:
And if someone could explain to me why sticking it to these women-suppressing, gay-hating, terror-spreading, fascist creeps is a bad idea, I'd be ever so grateful:
But you'll have to come up with something more convincing than this twaddle:
Or maybe, old boy, other governments will realise that, if they don't stick to the terms of the contracts they sign with America, those contracts will be cancelled - just as they would be in the private sector. 

I gave a cheer when I heard that the attempt by the rich and powerful to destroy the freedom of the press had been defeated in Parliament - albeit by a terrifyingly slim margin: 
Huzzah! And the news just keeps getting better and better!
Bon voyage! Perhaps Ed Miliband - a Jewish Labour MP, after all - will now stop trying to destroy this country's hard-won freedoms, and, instead, turn his attention to the rampant anti-Semitism which his deranged changes to the Labour leadership voting rules has unleashed within his own party:
Sticking with the anti-Semitism theme:
Away from politics now - this almost makes me sorry I don't use the Tube these days:
Who knew Mars was so dinky? We should invade as soon as possible!
Some valuable advice for young people:
Change "doesn't" to "don't" and I'd be well satisfied with that list - just as satisfied as I am with this, from Dan Hannan:
But - please - don't have nightmares:


  1. Whenever I read about the Iranian treaty that slightly repetitive but catchy little tune arrives into my head completely unannounced and unauthorised. You know the one "Tequila" or should it be "Taqiyya."

  2. Recorded by The Champs 1958.