Thursday, 10 May 2018

I wonder what became of Labour's late '80s loony lefties?

Oh, that's right...

...they're running the Labour Party! Here's a landscape version of that Saatchi's 1987 election poster - it's a bit hard to tell, but one of them bears a distinct resemblance to Stan, the washing-machine salesman who likes to "party" with East European rent-boys, and another looks a bit like the poor chap who made a total arse of himself on Celebrity Big Brother by doing cat impressions while wearing a leotard:
As for this poster protesting Mrs Thatcher's decision to abolish the GLC...
...I'm pretty sure he's that pathetic OCD sufferer who's always on television banging on about Hitler being a Jew... or something.  This old Conservative Party election poster is still relevant...
...but doesn't seem quite as convincing now that Britain's military strength appears to consist of 60,000 civil servants, two Piper Commanches, a fleet of pedalos, half a dozen tasers and a bumper box of Brocks fireworks. 

Now that Mrs May's Tories have adopted their opponents' divisive brand of identity politics (more women on company boards! more BAMEsters at top universities! more Muslims in the Army! more transgender bogs!), this next one's an obvious museum piece:
As is this one, thanks to Old Etonian David Cameron's determination to stop clever, hard-working oiks from getting ahead - and the clumsy way Theresa May's advisors shoehorned a pro-grammar school policy into the last Tory General Election manifesto:
But this next one has aged well - pity nobody believed it:
While Mrs. May's "Big State" instincts make the next two redundant:
Given that a majority of Tory MPs are social democrat Remainers who, one suspects, would have been just as happy - probably happier - serving under Tony Blair, this last poster is strictly for nostalgists: 

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  1. Good Lord! I hadn't realised how astonishingly influential this blog is - not a word about grammar schools from the Tories for almost a year, I mention the subject in passing here yesterday, and within a matter of hours the government announces a new £50m initiative. Splendid! The BBC is, of course, outraged, which is always a good sign.

    Fair's fair - well done, you Tories! More of the same please.

    Okay, let's see if I can work the same magic twice:


    After all, this sort of approach seems to be working for Donald Trump.