Saturday, 28 April 2018

Idiocy and wisdom - what the world looked like this week

Fortunately, London Mayor Sadiq Khan's tireless - and no doubt fabulously effective - efforts to sort out knife crime (see previous post) haven't prevented him from addressing an issue which is really important to all Londoners:
Open to knife-crime, host to diverse terrorist sects, full of hope (that this useless little creep won't be mayor after the next election), not in the least fearful of being stabbed, mugged or burgled...

...holding our liberal values of freedom of speech very dear (while waiting for the knock at the door from one of the hundreds of Metropolitan Police officers constantly trawling social media for examples of thoughtcrime, or while reading about the latest foreign conservative commentator to have been thrown out of Britain for wanting to say things our left-liberal masters don't agree with). 
As so often these days, Spiked editor Brendan O'Neill was spot-on regarding the reaction to Trump's impending visit:
Just to prove that left-wing idiocy isn't confined to these shores:
Can anyone think of a counter-argument? Step forward, J. Burton:
Now, a word from an extraordinarily unconfused old man:
Who could he be referring to? Here's one candidate:
Here's another:
Of course, a non-bigoted observer might be tempted to point out: that the vast majority of those who voted for Brexit were just a bit fed up with being bossed about by a bunch of unelected foreigners; that the official pro-Brexit campaign wasn't in the least bit racist; that you don't have to be delusional to (a) wave the flag or (b) believe that the fifth biggest economy in the world might just be able to make a go of it outside a restrictive and massively expensive customs union; that many of us thought the longterm consequences of staying in the EU might be disastrous; that the "narrowness" of the win (4%) has fuck-all to do with anything; that the nation was divided down the middle before the referendum - which is why there was a referendum; and that the nation might feel slightly less divided if butt-hurt sore-losers like J.K. Rowling would stop trying to prevent the government carrying out the democratically-expressed will of the British people. 

Gosh, I did enjoy the pained expression on BBC North America editor Jon Sopel's face as he was forced to admit last night that the meeting between the democratically-elected leader of South Korea and North Korea's communist slave-master might not be totally unrelated to the activities of that idiot in the White House. But, then, Sopel isn't the only one having to chow down on a vast wedge of humble pie - this tweet (typical of many) from a former Obama staffer hasn't aged particularly well:
Ah yes, how we miss Barack Obama's wonderfully effective soft diplomacy!

As for this item, I think the correct response is "Don't let us stop you - go right ahead!":
Yes, violent crime is spiralling out of control - but at least we know it's not because the police are guilty of taking their eye off the ball:
I'm sure the good people of Liverpool - a city where, one presumes, serious crime has been all but eradicated - are sleeping easier in their beds, knowing the police are busy surfing the web.

Here's an example of what newspapers might look like if they ever deigned to report the fact that - when it comes to measurable things like poverty, war, famine and disease - the world is  rapidly improving:
Still, mustn't let facts get in the way of the narrative.

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