Saturday, 28 April 2018

Great news! Sadiq Khan is going to "address violent crime and its complex root causes."

Of course, he means knife crime, which essentially involves young black men stabbing other young black men with knives. I don't need to"read more", because the measures Little Sad needs to introduce are... screamingly obvious, only a total fucking fool wouldn't know what they were:

1. Massive increase in stop and search by the police, targetted at young blacks. Yes, many completely innocent, respectable young black men will suffer the indignity of being frisked and interrogated, but I'm sure they'll realise that there isn't a racist motive behind it, and that they're being inconvenienced in order to reduce the number of young blacks being slaughtered on London's streets.

2. Pressure the government to support the institution of marriage and traditional two-parent families via the tax system, preferential treatment when it comes to public sector housing, first choice of schools for their offspring etc.

3. Bring back the stigma formerly attached to avoidable single parenthood - every available statistic confirms that being raised by a single parent is a reliable predictor of poverty and criminality. So why do we treat single parenthood as a viable lifestyle choice? It shouldn't be. As for single mothers who go on to have a second child, without a live-in partner - you really are having a laugh, aren't you?

4. Name, shame, hound, fine and imprison deadbeat, absentee, sperm-donor fathers.

5. Sack any teacher spreading the false narrative that racism/capitalism is the cause of black failure, when it's actually the fault of white liberals terrified of being called racist, the Vulcan death-grip of the welfare state, the vileness of black youth culture, and the nonsense spouted by conscienceless, self-serving race huckster politicians and media types whose careers rely on keeping the harmful myth alive.

6. Stop patronising blacks by treating them as if they're incapable of succeeding in life without your "help" - all your positive discrimination, affirmative action, quotas, light-touch policing, re-writing British history, banging on about the need for "positive black role-models"and all the rest of that ghastly, divisive, destructive nonsense. If you want to genuinely help blacks, then deal with crime, deal with school discipline and what's being being taught there, boost marriage, stop blaming the rest of society, let colour-blind capitalism rip - and then leave blacks to get on with it. I reckon you'd be astonished by the results.

Whenever faced with a seemingly intractable social or political problem, the first thing to do is to answer the question, who stands to gain from perpetuating it?  In this instance, as neither the black community nor wider society have anything whatever to gain, it has to be white liberal virtue-signallers, professional black race-hucksters, and all those criminal justice system types who've clambered aboard the "institutional racism" gravy train. Which suggests that the best thing Sadiq Khan could do to help London's black community is to resign.

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