Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The latest examples of madness, mayhem and mirth from social media...

Very bad taste, that. Mind you, England not playing at the World Cup would prevent...

...a great deal of anguish, disappointment and embarrassment.  

You might have been vaguely aware of this story in the Sunday Mirror:

It took the BBC a few days to notice it, but, when they did, they were absolutely furious!:
Nothing to see here - move along, please! Jeremy Corbyn lashed out in defence of the true victims of yet another disgusting large-scale grooming scandal involving gangs largely composed of Pakistani-origin men:
Steptoe was also appalled by the Salisbury poisonings - as he proved by attacking the Tory Party for accepting donations from Russian donors! As one commenter pointed out:

True dat. But then, you see, unlike Israel, Russia is an enemy of the West - so why would Labour attack it?

Meanwhile, the Green Party's Caroline Lucas was keen to deflect attention from the central facets of the  Telford scandal - i.e. mainly Pakistani/Muslim men sexually abusing mainly white working-class girls while the left-liberal authorities turned a blind eye - by turning it into an ALL men sexually abusing ALL women narrative:
Andrew Neil responded thus:
Mind you, when it come to exploiting news stories to support its own agendas, the Left is seemingly without conscience - especially this horrible jerk:
Classy, as always. Here's another wretched leftie - a Lib Dem MEP - employing the same tawdry tactic:
Talking of the Lib Dems and Brexit, here's their Dear Leader:
Me, I'm feeling nostalgic for the days when this crapulous old twit wasn't an MP and we weren't regularly subjected to his inane brain-farts. 

More Lib-Dummery:
And there was I thinking the main role of the police was to protect us from crime. My bad! 

Similarly, I'm genuinely perplexed as to why anyone who doesn't wish to actively encourage voter fraud (and, presumably, Labour MP Laura Pidcock doesn't) would argue against voters being required to show ID:
No doubt it will reduce the "number of votes" - but only fake ones, which I would have thought was a good thing. Or am I missing something?

I used to imagine that Ben & Jerry's purpose was to produce delicious ice cream. Not so!:
Well, yes, I do need more evidence, actually. For instance, what percentage of imprisonable crimes in America are committed by blacks? One example: Bureau of Justice statistics suggest that blacks are responsible for 52% of US homicides. Even Channel 4 admitted that "the proportion of black suspects arrested by the police tends to match closely the proportion of offenders identified as black by victims in the National Crime Victimization Survey." I assume that Ben & Jerry aren't proposing that criminals be spared prison in order to make the figures more acceptable to white liberals? 

Mind you, the American Left seems to be even more deranged than our own: :
Back to Blighty - if you're wondering whether our children are getting the education they need, here's a sign posted outside a school: 
They've missed "Teacher" off the list.

Here's yet another High Street store I'll have to boycott:
Where the fuck do these idiots come from?

Meanwhile, the BBC works tirelessly, 24/7, to keep its overarching victimhood narrative going:
Oh God - give it a bloody rest!

Here's some good advice:
Let's end on a lighter note. First, this from a former European 200 metre backstroke champion: 
And, second, a snippet from the late, great Ken Dodd:

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