Friday, 16 March 2018

I agree - Britain's gender inequality is a disgrace! (h/t: SDG, Telegraph)

I've just watched the BBC News Channel for ten minutes while I ate (an admittedly late) lunch. I was still reflecting on the BBC's admirable ability to report on the Iraqi teenager who planted the Parson's Green bomb last year being found guilty without once mentioning the fact that the little shit was a Muslim, when the daily "gender inequality" story put in an appearance. I was shocked - as I'm sure you will be - to learn that Goldman Sachs pays its male employees more, on average,  than its female employees. I wondered whether the BBC might be planning a similar piece either celebrating or bemoaning the truly extraordinary number of women currently in leadership roles in political parties in particular, and the public sector in general:

Prime Minister:  Female

Leader of DUP:  Female

Leader of Sinn Fein:  Female

Leader of Plaid Cymru:  Female

Leader of Nationalist Party of  Scotland:  Female

Leader of Scots Tories:  Female

Leader of Scots Labour:  Female

Black Rod (House of Lords): Female

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:  Female

Director of Public Prosecutions:  Female

Chief of the Met Police:  Female

Chief of London Fire Brigade:  Female

CBI director:  Female

Chief of Crown Prosecution Service:  Female

Bishop of London:  Female

Head of State: Female

It seems that when there are no objective performance measures available - for instance,  profit, market share or share price - women bosses are definitely in favour. Perhaps, in the interests of fairness, it's time female bosses in the public sector stood aside and gave men a chance! Thank goodness those bastions of feminism, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the BBC, are leading the fightback against inequality by resolutely sticking with male leaders - while, inevitably,  lecturing the rest of us on how horribly sexist we all are.

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  1. Some might think "Promote a woman, it's the cheaper option."