Sunday, 3 September 2017

Snapshots from our mad, mad, mad, mad world this weekend...

Bit of Background: Jess Phillips is the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley. Nadeem Ahmed is a Momentum Corbynite. First came this:
Which was followed two days later by this:

Which was followed by this:
And all through no fault of his own. Gosh, I hope he's all right! Meanwhile, the Prime Minister once again demonstrated her political astuteness by using Eid to suck up to Muslims - not a single one of whom of will switch their political allegiance to the Tories as a result of her craven, Uriah Heep-like writhings:

Lick-lick, slurp-slurp... What a repellent, inept performance! Does she seriously imagine she's going to lead the Conservatives into the next election?

Other news now, and John Lewis has announced that it is removing the labels "boys" and "girls" from its children's clothes, in order not to "reinforce gender stereotypes". How deeply caring, progressive and enlightened of them. After all, gender is a mental construct: it's not as if Nature has given us any physical clues as to whether we're male or female - of has it?

Meanwhile, aren't we all getting a bit tired of leftists promising to do things, and then not doing them?
Following the Texas floods, The Donald and Melania have been down for a visit. For all his faults, Trump undoubtedly gives good empathy in the flesh. If Barack Obama had still been Prez, America's mainstream media would no doubt have informed us that he had walked across the waters to lay healing hands on his people. But as this was Literally Hitler, they concentrated on the unsuitability of Melania's choice of shoes, because that's what really matters to people caught up in a natural disaster. These two screen-grabs pretty much sum it up:
It seems that some members of the public weren't all that impressed by CNN's attempts at empathy:

Mind you, empathy was in short supply in some quarters:
Here's another take on the liberal-left media's coverage:
Back in Blighty, the Remoaners were out in force:
And he posted that little gem on the day that the EU's chief Brexit negotiatior, Michel Barnier, had the effrontery to suggest that the British people needed to be "educated" regarding the consequences of leaving the EU (one of which would be not having to suffer any more lectures from arrogant, self-important, jumped-up little pillocks like Michel Barnier). No doubt Labour peer Lord Adonis will also be complaining about the vast, malodorous pile of unfiltered pro-Remain propaganda excreted by Mark Mardell and his chums on Radio 4's The World This Weekend earlier today - and on every other BBC programme every other day of the week, unless Andrew Neil is the presenter. Personally, I'm all for the BBC appointing Julia Hartley-Brewer as their EU Correspondent:
Amen to that. 

Say what you like about Katie Hopkins (and most people do), she has a way of dealing with foul-mouthed social media hecklers that often has me in stitches. Here are two recent examples:
I'll leave you with something more uplifting, posted by another hate-figure, Tommy Robinson. Made me blub:


  1. Sorry Scott, but what is your point in describing Tommy Robinson posting this as "another hate-figure"? Surely you can't be defending an overtly racist CAUC, simply because he has found a clip off the internet of a child talking to a disabled soldier. If he's a hate figure, there's a reason.

    I am not even sure you can claim Robinson's "another hate figure" equivalence with click bait Hopkins, which is what the context implies, although it is going some to outdo her in terms of bonkers repellence.

    What's going on?

    1. I am SHOCKED to learn, ex-KCS, that you do not religiously read every word of this blog! Anyone would think you were busy or something.

      I have written twice about Tommy Robinson. First, back in 2013:

      And then in June this year:

      ...when I'd evidently forgotten having written about him four years ago, and I am therefore SHOCKED to learn that I don't read every word of my own blog.

  2. If there's antisemitism there's a reason.

    1. You know, Anonymous, I've always been a philo-Semite, but you make your case so cogently and convincingly, I'll really have to reconsider my views.

      Thank you for sharing this piercing insight.

  3. It was uplifting-wonderful.