Wednesday, 20 September 2017

I'm going to high-five the next racoon I meet... (h/t: Swaminathan P and D Attenborough)

It's not only racoons who look out for their own:
Here's a fine example of cross-species teamwork:
Of course, different species don't always get on all that well:
Sometimes, it consists of nothing more than annoyance (and I strongly advise you to ignore the advice to "turn on sound" - if the goose and the elephant could heard the sensationally annoying commentary, they'd team up and attack the person doing it):
But, often, there's fear:
Then there's just - I don't really know what:
But occasionally, it all just works:
But if there's one thing sure to create inter-species or intra-species tension, it's cracking one off without warning:
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