Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Give It a Rest, Love! A compendium of September stupidity...

Yes, madam (or is it sir?), you make an excellent point  - who can have failed to notice...

...the hideous whiteness of the overwhelming majority of terrorists these days? Or perhaps you mean terrorism in it sexual sense, i.e. rape?
I fear we may never know the answer. Just as we may never be able to find any sort of connecting
link between the gangs who have been raping young white girls in many of Britain's cities in recent years. 

It's good to see that old age has done nothing to blunt Vince Cable's mental acuity:
Ha ha! Brilliant! Only...
I don't think Vince has a clue, so here's a reminder:
You were spot on, Nick. We eventually had that referendum, and you lost. 
Okay, Sadiq, here's my say: London would be a lot healthier if you shifted off your tiny little bottom and did something about knife-crime and terrorism. 
Or, here's an idea: why don't you have a quiet word with your fellow-Muslims, some of whom don't seem as wholeheartedly committed to the feminist project as you tell us you are - especially the ones who make "their" women don black tents before they're allowed out of the house?  Go on, off you go - do something useful for a change.

Is it just me, or has Carol Ann Duffy gone a bit off the boil since becoming poet laureate?
Trust a Tory MP to spoil the mood:
Talking of Tory scum and their plans to destroy "our" NHS:
Hmm. Meanwhile, across the Pond:
Good side? Er... Luckily, not all ageing entertainment industry types are quite so deluded:
Okay, maybe they are all that deluded. As for what's happening in an actual socialist country:
Nope - that would probably require a right-wing, free-market government. I don't know who wrote the speech Donal Trump delivered at the UN yesterday yesterday, but it was superb - particularly the bit where he told the truth about socialism:
The BBC's Katty Kay was on afterwards to point out the most important aspect of Trump's address, which, of course, was that it was 15 minutes shorter than expected. Was that, she wondered, because the White House had expected more applause from the the representatives of the tyrannical, kleptocratic, brutally oppressive, terrorism-supporting, mass-murdering regimes which seem hold such sway at the UN? CNN, as always, was there to fearlessly tell truth to power:
What, so calling for a brutally oppressive tyranny to restore democracy is a really insensitive thing for the President of the United States to do? Still, CNN must be experiencing a lot of butt-hurt right now:

As for this next tweet, I think The Spectator's Damian Thompson may have a point:
Mind you, some of my own recent observations regarding Theresa May's lamentable performance have been a trifle fruity. For instance, I distinctly remember her telling us after the London Bridge terrorist attack in June that "enough is enough". If that's the case, Prime Minister, why do they keep happening? As for her inability to rally the country behind Brexit - or, indeed, to say anything even remotely uplifting about it - is it possible that she is as dreary, lacklustre, clueless and as scared as her infrequent television appearances would seem to suggest? Can she really be as catastrophically lousy at politics as she appears to be? Her strategy seems to consist of telling us - or dispatching the likes of Damien Green to tell us - how bold, resolute, strong and determined she is. The problem is that approach only works if you actually do some bold, resolute and strong things to lend some credibility to your assertions. There's nothing to stop me claiming to be a brilliant ballet dancer, but I suspect I'd eventually be asked to prove it by, you know, doing some brilliant dancing. 

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson filled the vacuum left by our seemingly paralysed PM by writing an article for the Sunday Telegraph in which he set out an optimistic vision of Britain's post-Brexit future. It was splendid. His reward was a flood of sneering, condescending waffle from the chattering classes - i.e. the sort of behaviour that handed Leave victory in the referendum. These people seem utterly incapable of learning their lesson - they don't even seem to realise that there's a lesson to learned! 

I'll leave you in the safe hands of Brendan O'Neill, whose analysis of our news media's delusional state during the past 15 months - especially over Brexit and terrorism - has been unerringly brilliant:


  1. Lovely photograph of a Marxist/Feminist who believes that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands and children.

  2. You may have missed the advent of a new victim group.

    The Government Digital Service have been celebrating National Inclusion Week and just so that we're all included they've blogged it.

    They're not terribly successful at digital service, if the truth be told, but they make up for it in their tireless pursuit of grace.

    Several individuals are called to the blog, and bear witness to the meaning of inclusion in today's global world. Their testimony is harrowing and you will be improved by reading every word of it and pondering.

    Take your time over enjoying their revelations. The blog builds ineluctably to this epiphany, when Chris Ferguson, Director for National, International and Research (?) reveals:

    As the introvert champion, I've enjoyed working with Ben Daniels and Tara Stockford to establish introversion as a mainstream diversity issue in GDS in a way that has not happened before.

    We've been able to influence the design of away days and have developed an interview practice group. We've also established a small library of books on introversion and personal effectiveness for introverts.

    We're now exploring how best to organise small gatherings for our growing community to discuss specific issues raised by our working environment.

    "What does inclusion mean to you?", the bloggist asks at the end, rather unfeelingly in the circumstances. "Let us know by leaving a comment below." Introverts that they are, all her readers, there are still no comments displayed. Or perhaps it's just that her readers are all speechless.


  3. Thank you for the information on National Inclusion Week.

    As MGM's Sam Goldwyn is reputed to have remarked , "Gentlemen , include me out."