Friday, 21 July 2017

New Tory MP Kemi Badenoch - a ray of hope in grim times?

I'll admit it - the maiden speech from the new Tory MP for Saffron Walden, Kemi Badenoch...

...brought a tear to the eye! Politically, the last six weeks have been among the most depressing I can remember: the nauseating, irrational, Diana-like paroxysm of national grief appropriation following the Grenfell Tower fire; the borderline-traitorous reporting of the Brexit negotiations by our broadcasters and their ongoing refusal to accept that Brexit will happen; Corbyn's emetic Glastonbury appearance; the fact that the useless, frozen-faced social democrat, Theresa May, is still Prime Minister - and that we're probably stuck with her for at least two years; the hysterical hatred directed at the DUP for being - gasp! - socially conservative!;  the deranged ferrets-in-a-sack infighting amongst Tory leadership hopefuls; the way a paralysed Tory Party has failed to capitalise on Labour's astonishing U-turn on scrapping student fees: the fact that one of our leading TV news presenters joined in chants of "Fuck the Tories!" at a music festival - and still managed to hold on to his job; and learning that the ghastly left-wing cockwomble who presents Match of the Day is paid at least seven times more by the BBC than the sainted Andrew Neil for doing a fraction of the work.

Grim times. I'm normally an optimist, but, for anyone of a conservative or right-wing disposition who loves this country and its people, the future has begun to look distinctly bleak.

Then up pops Kemi Badenoch, who was born in Wimbledon (where I mostly grew up and went to school), got a degree in computer systems engineering (from the same university my son attended), another in law from Birkbeck (where the great Sir Roger Scruton taught for several decades), and is now the Tory MP - with a huge majority - for Saffron Walden (about which I know absolutely sod all). And she stands up in parliament and declares her love for Britain and her enthusiasm for Brexit - with Diane Abbott staring glumly at her from the opposition benches. And she wants to repeal the ban on fox-hunting. Delightful!

I know absolutely nothing about about the new intake of Tory MPs. One can only hope Ms Badenoch is representative of the new Conservative generation - because the old one is beginning to look distinctly unappealing.

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