Friday, 21 July 2017

Diane Abbott - proof that Care in the Community is a bad policy

"Police people"? There's a popular idea on the Left that anyone claiming that Diane Abbott.. a stupid, incompetent hypocrite is guilty of both racism and sexism (and, presumably, "healthism", as she blamed her various displays of stupidity and incompetence during the general election campaign on the fact that she suffers from Type II diabetes). There may be a scintilla of truth in that charge - but, come to think of it, it's 99.99% about her being an insufferable, stupid, incompetent, arrogant, virtue-signalling hypocrite who is quite evidently totally unfit to hold public office of any kind.

Just think - a few thousands votes the other way and she could have have been Home Secretary, i.e. the person responsible for keeping law-abiding citizens safe from criminals and terrorists. The mind doesn't just boggle at the thought - it freezes in absolute horror.

Ms Abbott read History at Cambridge, where she was tutored by Simon Schama. I know I've mentioned these facts before, and I'm going to keep on mentioning them until someone (perhaps Professor Schama) can explain (a) how she got a place at what used to be one of the world's greatest universities, and (b) how she ended up being awarded a degree. Mystifying.


  1. " A face asinine with idiocy." Flaubert.

  2. it is quite bizarre that Ms Abbott gets so much broadcast time on apparently serious political programmes. It was marginally amusing when she was squeezed into that little sofa alongside the dainty Portillo and quizzed by the Brillo Pad but it has now all gone too far; there must be a plot afoot.....but to what end?