Friday, 7 July 2017

Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson on the fifth column being created by universities (h/t: The Salisbury Review)

I followed a Twitter link to the latest posting on the Salisbury Review website this morning to an item entitled "Getting rid of women's studies and other dross". There I found a YouTube video of part of a talk given by Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, in which he reveals himself to be a scourge of left-liberal academic orthodoxy. For instance:
“There’s no reason why the public at large should be funding a fifth column whose aim is to disrupt   the fundamental structures of western civilisation with tax money that’s devoted to supporting people while they’re doing that.”
And this:

“Humanities enrolments have been declining precipitately since the 1960s and a big part of that is why in the world would you go as a half-confused high school student into university to get whatever shreds of culture you’re still clinging on to to keep your poor ahead above water in the the sea of chaos that threatens to surround you taken away by your professor so you’re stripped bare of anything but some vague sense that maybe you’re a horrible racist, unconsciously, in some manner that you can’t detect, and then be left with nothing but that for your $100,000 investment and your bloody student loan.”

Here's the video:

As Canada's politico-media-academic establishment is even more derangedly self-hating and politically correct than our own, Professor Peterson receives a huge amount of flak from identity politics Nazis (particularly the transgender lobby) and from the culturally suicidal liberal-left authorities. Same old, same old.

Jeremy Corbyn's latest wheeze to lock in the goofy youth vote that flocked to his cause last month is to return to a system where the state pays all student fees out of general taxation - thereby ensuring (bizarrely) that working class taxpayers will subsidise the higher education of middle class taxpayers' children. Rum, I call it - and based on the whopping great lie that student fees are deterring young people from poorer households from applying for places at university. Apart from placing an even greater strain on the already-overstretched public purse, it would mean an even larger number of impressionable young people spending three years of their lives having their heads stuffed with delusional, cultural Marxist tosh by the vile post-modern anti-democratic nihilists who now control so much of the "teaching" of the non-scientific subjects known as the humanities.

Conservative politicians (with notable exceptions like Michael Gove) have played along with this perversion of higher education - in fact, education in general - for decades. The result was a 40% vote for Jeremy Corbyn and rampant anti-Semitism, no-platforming of conservative speakers (and left-wing speakers who dare to question the prevailing snowflake orthodoxy on any subject), the bullying of conservative and right-wing students and lecturers, and a warm welcome for Muslim hate-preachers on many campuses.

British universities used to fulfil many purposes -  among them, training an articulate, questioning, rational intellectual elite, the advancement of scientific knowledge, and the preservation and nurturing of the best of the Western cultural tradition and the ethical systems that underpin it. I've always tried to avoid lapsing into apocalyptic pessimism - but it does strike me that unless we reverse the current trend of churning out emotionally incontinent fascist ignoramuses versed in nothing but the politics of grievance, resentment and division, we may be well and truly fucked.

Respect to Jordan Peterson for having the moral courage to speak out. If only there were more like him.


  1. There is at least one more Canadian academic like him.

    Prof. Ricardo Duchesne ,whose book , 'The Uniqueness Of Western Civilisation , accords with much of the Salisbury Review's privately - discussed editorial policy.

  2. Thank you, David Moss, for reminding me of this post and Professor Peterson. One of the best posts on this site in 2017. Just re-read it.