Sunday, 11 June 2017

Will somebody please explain the problem to Little Miss Snowflake...

Meanwhile, the person who posted this (presumably) doctored image should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves:

Disgraceful! As for those critics who claim Boris is too lazy to pay attention to details...
...ask any guitar-player to explain why this image would appear to support that assertion.  

Talking of details, while I'm only too eager to admit that the Conservative Party and its (temporary) leader had an abysmal election, there's one teensy little detail about the result which the Labour leadership and many of its supporters seem not to have grasped:

If you're a Tory supporter, console yourself with the knowledge that, however angry and disappointed you feel, it's nothing compared to the pain being suffered by diehard Blairites. At least we'll be getting rid of Theresa May in the near future - these poor blighters could be stuck with Corbyn (and McDonnell and Abbott) for years. This realisation seems to be making them a trifle tetchy:
I'm not sure, Mr. Crankypants, that they're actually trying to spell "Alastair",  

Given that quite a few Poles now lives in Britain, that the Tory party is looking for a new leader, and that it's now relying on the support of a Northern Irish political party which is unashamedly conservative and Christian (pass the smelling salts!), perhaps they should ask Poland's conservative, Christian prime minister Beata Szydio if she fancies a job swap:

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