Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Why do young people vote Labour? They've been taught to. And it's going to get worse.

If you're a secondary school pupil, eight out of ten of your teachers vote for left-wing parties. Presumably...

...most of the teachers in the "other" category support the Greens or the SNP. In the unlikely event that 2% of them support UKIP, that means that, at best, only one out of every ten people teaching the next generation of voters holds conservative or right-wing opinions.

To give you a sense of how much greater Labour's support could be among young voters if the next election were to take place in 2002, here's a breakdown of the percentage of teachers who voted for Labour over the last five elections:
I haven't seen the figures for Higher Education, but I'd be surprised if they didn't reveal even greater support for Labour among lecturers - i.e. the left-wing propaganda dunned into pupils at school will be reinforced at college.

The only heartening aspect to all this is that the teacher vote is evidently volatile, which suggests it might be possible for the Tories to win some of it back - but that would probably require Labour to be the party in power,  taking the blame for not meeting teachers' numerous, unaffordable demands.

There are many disheartening aspects to these figures, including the fact that teachers - teachers! - were willing to place their country's future in the hands of an academic dunce. Corbyn got two Es at A-level, and dropped out of the North London Poly's Trade Union Studies course after a year. Educational attainment - not to mention intelligence - now evidently doesn't matter to British teachers. Next they'll be telling us that "Books are a load of crap." This wouldn't matter if Corbyn had been a naturally intelligent working class politician schooled in the University of Life - but he's a middle class dimwit who has never held a proper job.

I've remarked on this before, but when did young people become so drearily conformist? It's not their much-vaunted "idealism" that's the problem so much as their lack of scepticism, the absence of rational thought, their infantile emotional incontinence, and their willingness to swallow wholesale whatever tosh the Guardian reader at the front of the class is feeding them while pretending to educate them.

Most seriously, it's confirmation that the Conservative Party is losing the culture war.  The prevailing political culture, more than Brexit or the economy, is the battleground where Britain's political future will be decided. Unless the Tories grasp this - and bloody well do something about it pronto - they're toast. (That's a bit vague, I know - but I'll come back to it in the next post.)

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