Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Two tweets showing why those "embarrassing" conversations "we" need to have about radical islam won't ever happen

Why not spell it out? People in this quite extraordinarily tolerant country are being slaughtered and maimed by members of the 23,000-strong jihadist community  - who, it seems, could hardly do more to signal the danger...

...they represent to the public - and one of our police forces is wasting time sending an annoying, finger-wagging, nannyish, politically correct tweet whose sole purpose appears to be to bully anyone even thinking of posting anything remotely critical of the Religion of Peace or its adherents into keeping shtum - if they know what's good for them. We're not talking about people inciting violence on social media, because only an utter moron wouldn't know that that's illegal - and always has been. No, we're talking about comments - possibly written in the heat of the moment after hearing that some bastard has killed an eight year old girl at a pop concert or that three big, brave, grown men have hacked a woman to death in a London street - which might "offend" some hysterical, bed-wetting offendotron.

Of course, the police's tweet is carefully worded to allow them, if challenged, to wear an innocent expression while pretending that it's directed at "offensive" comments of all kinds. There's the problem. We all know that it's designed to stifle the sort of comment which sends left-wing social justice warrior keyboard pounders into paroxysms of fake moral outrage, threshing around on the floor screaming "WAYCIST!!!", utterly delighted at the opportunity to use Britain's farcical "hate" laws and their zealot enforcers to mercilessly pursue with self-righteous zeal the monster who broke the nation's legally-enforceable omerta on the subject of immigration, race or religion.  I'm not talking about silencing out-and-out racists - no, I'm talking about silencing normally mild-mannered Britons made understandably angry by the way some foreigners and their offspring have chosen to repay tolerance and hospitality by attempting to murder and maim as many innocents and to cause as much pain as possible.

In the wake of the horrifying slaughter by jihadists in London last Saturday and the unspeakable butchery in Manchester the previous week, the Prime Minister spoke of the need to hold "embarrassing conversations" as we - the public sector in particular - seek to prevent the murder of people on our streets by combatting the vile, alien, fascist ideology which has been allowed to spread like a plague through our towns and cities thanks to the liberal-left elite's addiction to displaying its infinite capacity for compassion and its callous disregard for the rights of the indigenous population. But of course we can't have people expressing themselves forcefully on this or any related issues in case members of the ever-growing army of the perpetually offended actually get offended.

And, while we're holding those "embarrassing conversations" - which, of course, must be brought to a halt the moment anyone becomes "embarrassed" (i.e. offended) by them - we must make it absolutely clear that we're not singling out any specific faith or race or religion, good heavens no, because that would obviously be embarrassing. So let's by all means encourage people not to be seduced by an extremist ideology whatever their race, creed or religion (pause for a moment to allow everyone to smile, nod in agreement, mutter "well said! and "couldn't agree more!" and applaud enthusiastically), and let's pretend that far right white supremacists are just as big a threat as Islamist extremists:
If anybody seriously imagines there will be an outbreak of embarrassing conversations regarding race, religion or immigration any time soon, they're fooling themselves. And anyone trying to start one will probably find members of the Cheshire Police Anti-Embarrassment Squad hammering thunderously on their door.

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