Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Presumably, Jon Snow, Mrs. May based her decision on the undeniable fact that you're a pernicious, left-wing CAUC?

Come to think of it...

...I should probably incorporate "left-wing" into the acronym CAUC in future - e.g. "Jon Snow is a CAULWC." But only when the CAUC in question actually is a left-winger. Which, of course, they often are.


  1. Presuming you caught this

    1. But it's okay, because he can't "remember" doing it. Presumably because he chants "Fuck the Tories" all the time. I was also impressed by the courteous and professional manner in which he called a C4 News guest, Matt Kilcoyne of the Adam Smith Institute a "complete bellend" as soon as they were off camera because Kilcoyne had ribbed Snow by telling him, "Not everyone hates the Tories as much as you, Jon" at the end of their interview. These complete left-wing bellends can dish it out, but they're evidently not so good when it comes to taking it. As the BBC's Andrew Marr commented, if he'd been caught shouting "Fuck the Tories" in public, "I would be out on my oversized ear quicker than you could say 'Krishnan Guru-Murthy'".
      Jon Snow pretty much sums up everything wrong with political broadcasting in Britain - ghastly, smug, clueless and arrogant. A political correspondent colleague of mine once told me that Snow had attacked her at a dinner party for sounding "too posh" - this from a man who sounds like he's straight outta Hampstead!