Monday, 5 June 2017

"To think that people like you ruled a country."

And to think that "people" like these might be running it on Friday morning:

Meanwhile, I think the following bumholes deserve some of award for services to bumholery:
Or, with any luck, you might be struck by the realisation that you're a really awful human being.
Perhaps because the pub wasn't under attack from murderous jihadists at the time you posted this tweet? Just a guess, Owie.
Peter Daou, the Guardian  informs us, was a former digital adviser to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Which may well explain why they both, you know, LOST!

I'll leave the final word to the bestselling novelist and former Newsnight journalist, Robert Harris:
Proving that while you can take the boy out of the BBC...

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  1. The thing about Campbell is that I never had the foggiest idea about what he was on about [chippy class warrior types are usually inarticulate. It's the rage, you see. Makes them splutter.] Anyway, imagine the amazement of the Nation when he was caught - on his own - attending a Britney Spears concert. This was soon followed by Gordon Brown's assertion that he was a great fan of Atomic Kitten.

    You have the dope on these political charlatans. What was that all about?

    On the subject of the only political commentator in London whose balls are yet to drop the reason he is not scared in his little drinking hole is that the door-men at gay bars usually look like Diane Abbot dressed up as the TonTon Macoute. Does his mum know he is out drinking?