Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Diane Abbott confirms her status as the Worst.Frontbench.Politician.Ever!

Apart from reminding one of a particularly dim schoolgirl trying to cover up the fact that she hasn't done her homework, Dermot Murnaghan's...

...schadenfreudtastic evisceration of the Shadow Home Secretary yesterday evening reminded me more than anything of these memorable exchanges from the BBC programme, The Day Today:
But, of course, anyone accusing Labour's Shadow Home Secretary (or "Sektwee", as she styles it) of being lazy, stupid and incompetent (and those are her best points) is guilty of - all together now - RACISM!:
As Paul Mason is one of those deeply compassionate Labourites keen to cast doubt on the state of Theresa May's health - without the slightest justification - and as Diane Abbott pulled out of a Woman's Hour interview this morning (or was pulled out of it kicking and screaming by the Labour election campaign team), would it be permissible to express concern about the state of Ms Abbott's health? Given it's possible she will become Home Sektwee on Friday morning, I think the British people (or the Village People as she calls them at 1'45` on this longer version of her Sky News car crash) have a right to know.

Meanwhile, perhaps Diane could spend the time between now and taking over one of the highest offices of state by learning how to appear relaxed and confident in front of the camera by studying Tory candidate Greg Knight's incredibly slick promotional video:

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