Friday, 5 May 2017

Juncker: English language "losing importance" in EU? Er...

Presumably he means that English could be replaced as the European Union's official lingua franca by ...

...Bollocks, the international language in which all EU bureaucrats are fluent.  Or the EU Comission could stop shilly-shallying, cut to the chase, and come clean by confirming what we've always known is their true end-game by declaring German the official language to be used within the EU's borders in future - once the Englischer pig-dogs have  managed to complete their verdammte escape tunnel.

I've always suspected Jeremy Corbyn of being the most successful Tory sleeper agent in history - but I'm beginning to wonder whether Jean-Claude Juncker didn't actually start life as a pimply Enoch Powell supporter from Essex called Johnny Noble, sent undercover to Luxembourg with a convincing "legend" in his teens (the German word Junker means "young nobleman" - a letter may have been added to muddy the waters), with inctructions to climb the ranks of what was then the EEC until the day came for him to destroy it. Either that or he's a crazed socialist fanatic determined to drag the whole continent down around his ears in an attempt to achieve his mad utopian vision. Take your pick.

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