Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Diane Abbott has come bottom of the Maths class. Again. BBC headmistress Jo Coburn is furious.

I have been saying for years that the Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott...

...is undoubtedly the most stupid woman in Britain. I rest my case.

Just when I thought today couldn't get any better, I happened upon this unrelated tweet:

Remember - it's our duty to keep laughing at these people. 


  1. I am sure that one of the many leaners to the left who grace your pages will point out that Diane was simply showing how much she had learnt from her "Understanding Budgeting the Venezuelan Way" course at the Hackney School of Economics.

    And the fiscal disciplines which underpin the long tradition of Labour's control of the commanding heights of the economy are well known. An extra 125,000 police officers would be the minimum defensible person power injection, particularly to the overwhelmed ranks of AC12's six year long Operation Nonce Napper investigation - a move which would be welcomed by all right thinking, non-Balaclava wearing members of our community.

    1. Presumably the 125,000 extra police officers (or 125, or 125 million) would be earning £8,000 a year (or £800,000 or 80p) by monitoring online "hate" crime - or researching "historic" cold-case crimes, such as Voting Tory or buying the Daily Mail because the Morning Star has sold out due to popular demand. Otherwise, there's a distinct danger that all those extra bobbies (or bobbettes) would just be out on the street unfairly stop 'n' searching members of the black, Muslim, LGBT, Traveller, anti-Globalist Protester, Burgling, Thieving and and Mugging communities in their usual disgraceful, prejudiced, heteronormative fashion.

      According to Labour, starving nurses have been reduced to using food-banks. Which, given they start on £23,000 a year, would suggest that they've all been studying Diane Abbott's latest book, "Teach Yourself Basic Budgeting".

  2. this is as much an attempt to just post a comment as a comment itself (I have struggled for some while to convince google that I am a real person).
    The Diane Abbott interview revealed more about the professionalism and courtesy of the interviewer than the competence of the interviewee. |It was mind-boggling.

    1. Nick Ferrari interviewed someone called Angela Rayner - apparently Labour's Shadow Education "minister" - on LBC this morning about Labour's pledge to abolish class sizes over 30, and spent several minutes eliciting the fact that she didn't have a clue how many British children were currently in classes with over 30 kids in them (but she knew it was "a significant number"). She said it was unreasonable to ask her to "pluck figures out of the air", apparently unaware that it's her job to know this sort of stuff. Watching Labour candidates being interviewed currently feels like being a hunt follower.