Friday, 28 April 2017

Maybe Nichola Sturgeon would do better to keep her trap shut for a change...

So, despite the rest of the United Kingdom having been subjected to non-stop hectoring from Wee Jimmy Krankie regarding Scottish Independence and the EU ever since last year's Brexit vote...

...and despite SNP MPs constantly puffing out their little chests and droning on in the House of Commons ("all that Braveheart shit" as one of my Scottish relatives described it) - the proportion of Scots who believe their country's future lies outside the United Kingdom is exactly the same as it was at the time of the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014. So, despite a sizeable Scottish majority for Remain, the terrible threat of not being governed by unelected officials in Brussels doesn't seem to have scared any of them into changing their minds regarding the desirability of uncoupling their country from the yoke of their cruel English overlords (or from the £1,500 a head tax subsidy they receive from their cruel English overlords). 

It makes one wonder why the rest of the United Kingdom (population: 60m) has been forced by broadcasters to listen to this irritating woman (we have to put up with her ghastly Westminster MPs, unfortunately) with her non-stop threats and complaints and her anti-English racism, when she leads a a nation/country/region/whatever with a population of just 5.2m - less than 10% of the whole - and all, apparently, to no purpose whatsoever. 

When this general election is over, whatever the result, could the news broadcasters not show some compassion to the vast majority of people in the United Kingdom by severely limiting the amount of coverage given to Nichola Sturgeon in future? I think we've probably had just about enough of her empty threats and unpleasant rhetoric, which, after all, have only succeeded in ensuring that a majority of voters in the rest of the UK would now rather like to wave goodbye to Scotland. 

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