Sunday, 15 November 2015

The stupiderati have been out in force on social media after Paris - especially Salon and America's college "CryBullies"

The ghastly liberal website Salon comes second on the list for repellent idiocy so far:

Hmm! Tough one - let me get back to you on that. Meanwhile, here's another valuable contribution from Salon:

Well,  I certainly feel directly responsible for this weekend's terrorist attacks, and I'm sure the relatives and friends of the innocents slaughtered by bloodthirsty death-cultists in Paris are doing as you suggest and "looking in the mirror" right now - you wretched, despicable excuse for a human being.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone (inevitably) agrees with Salon: 

Yeah, sure - I mean, it's not as if ISIS would try to hide any terrorists in amongst the genuine refugees. And I'm sure Parisians would agree wholeheartedly with you. Just as I'm sure they'd concur with this tasteful and timely reflection from Tariq Ali:

If I thought you were a rational human being instead of a poisonous old Marxist shitbag, I might be inclined to explain the difference to you. Now, Simon Schama is a much brighter sort of cove - but if he seriously thinks the way to defeat bloodthirsty fascists is with ideas and "social decency",  he might not be worth inviting to the next COBRA meeting:

Simon Schama gives every appearance of being a decent - if occasionally wrong-headed - human being, and, if one reads "A proclamation against Isis, the party of death" (here), you can see that his heart's very much in the right place (although I really can't see the problem with doing everything he suggests while simultaneously smashing the living crap out of Islamic State). 

To locate the hearts (or brains) of the next group of people (I use the term loosely) on my list, you'd need a very powerful microscope and a proctologist. I'm referring to the horrible, selfish, whining student crybabies who've been indulging in a protracted "diaper-loading tantrum" about, oh, the usual cobblers about "safe spaces" and "micro-aggressions" and how everyone's a racist and how they need protection from any opinion they don't agree with - you know, the sort of infantile behaviour most children grow out of when when they pass their fourth birthday, but which seems to be de rigeur in American colleges these days. (The phrase "diaper-loading tantrum" was coined by Jonah Goldberg in what is undoubtedly the funniest article of the year written by anyone, anywhere - enjoy the whole glorious thing in the National Review, here.) When the solipsistic little brats realised that most adults' attention had been momentarily distracted by some silly French people getting themselves killed (like, that matters? - puh-leeze!) they started throwing their ethically-sourced, racially-sensitive, LGBT-friendly toys out of the pram. I strongly recommend you arm yourself with a powerful anti-emetic before reading these tweets:
Yes, dear - frightfully interesting.  (N.B. There was no terrorist attack at the University of Missouri.)

Equally messed up. Equally? The phrase "moral imbecile" comes to mind (quick, Rhea - find a safe space!)

Ooh - Mr. Crankypants! I wonder who encourages these children to use CAPITAL letters INDISCRIMINATELY and to indulge in these ludicrous victimhood fantasies?

So, it's no contest - despite Salon's best efforts, the repellent idiocy award goes to left-wing American college students. One can only hope that they eventually learn to be thoroughly ashamed of their younger selves (as for their professors - may God have mercy on their souls).

Meanwhile, all hell broke loose when an actor (yes, really, an actor - how did he slip through the net?) posted this tweet after Francois Hollande announced that France was closing its borders:

Okay, not in the best possible taste, but one sort of knows where he's coming from - and I'd be surprised if the same thought hadn't simultaneously occurred to a lot of French people. Presumably, Rob Lowe will never work in Hollywood again. Mind you, he's not the only sensible American actor on Twitter - James Woods is one of my favourite tweeters: here's his comment on the Salon headline with which I started this post:

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  1. The cartoon says it all.
    I see Robert J Bentley (R) and Rick Snyder (R),Governors of Alabama and Michigan respectively are to put it mildly none too happy to accept Syrian refugees.Meanwhile in Europe its plus ca change.The flood continues unabated.