Sunday, 15 November 2015

And the award for truly grotesque post-Paris mawkishness goes to... Sky News's Kay Burley for tweeting this:

Good grief! But - never fear - an antidote to this sort of sentimental drivel is readily available thanks to the likes of Iain Dale and, of course, James Delingpole:

If there’s one thing right-thinking Western liberals fear more than the bloodcurdling cry of “Allahu Akbar!” followed by the crackle of semi-automatic weaponry and the crump of a grenade, it’s the horror of being thought Islamophobic. Hence the massive popularity in Australia, after the killing of two hostages in Sydney by a Muslim gunman, of #Illridewithyou. Hence also the recent viral Facebook post by a man who modestly decided to show the world how sensitive and non-judgemental he was by putting up pictures of himself sitting next to a woman in a niqab on a train. Buzzfeed loved it. As all decent people did. What the story showed is that Muslims are lovely and if we sit next to them on the train without giving their outfits funny looks, they’ll live with us in peace and harmony and never try to kill us ever again. So this, above all, is what we need to heal the wounds of Paris: a heartwarming hashtag to make us all feel better about ourselves.
The rest of Delingpole's splendidly sarcastic Breitbart article, "Paris Carnage: How the West Will Respond" is the journalistic equivalent of insulin, and is available here.

I don't always find myself in agreement with Tory blogger and publisher Iain Dale (a bit flabbily centrist for my tastes) , but I thought the proposals in his article, "Sixteen Things Britain and the World Must Do to Beat ISIS/Daesh" (here), were pretty good, as far as they went. It's estimated that some 350 traitors with British passports have returned to the UK from Syria. I presume the security services know who and where they are and are keeping an eye on them - but I'm sure the rest of us would be considerably reassured if they were all arrested and made to spend the rest of their miserable, joyless, hate-filled lives behind bars.  I'd also be keen on seeing the burqa banned, as it's a virtual declaration by immigrants to this country that they intend to go on rejecting our values: western liberal democracy isn't for everyone - the ones who don't approve of it should be vigorously encouraged to re-emigrate to countries where pluralism, democracy and free speech are outlawed, as I'm sure they'd be far happier there than here. Finally, maybe the authorities could look at watering down or rescinding our current fascistic hate crime laws, so we can have that honest and open debate about immigration that our politicians are always claiming to want?

Finally, this would seem an ideal opportunity to start reintroducing the concept of discrimination into British life - not in it's crude, modern, ugly sense, but in the sense of being able to act on our natural, rational, self-protective preference for the good over the bad, the intelligent over the stupid, the law-abiding over the criminal, the responsible over the feckless, the useful over the useless, the helpful over the destructive, the hard-working over the lazy, the civilised over the barbarous, the reasonable over the intransigent, the familiar over the alien, and those who evidently share our values over those who seemingly never will. Or would that be too damned sensible?

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  1. The rehabilitation of Delingpole continues. At some stage he stopped writing about military history which was a pity because he knows his stuff and recommended good books. Then he moved into Toby Young Land and started telling us about his family while banging on at great length about global warning to the exclusion of almost everything else.
    In the 17th Nov issue of the Spectator he wrote a very amusing article "How do luvvies know so much about everything?" in which he described Benedict Cumberbatch as "a preening, hectoring Old Harrovian .... all quavery and exquisitely modulated and indignant" and then had a go at "former New Faces and Tiswas star Sir Lenny Henry". Outstanding.
    And I followed your link to his Breitbart article which is spot on. Thanks again.
    This morning I listened to the Scottish Bore Naughtie on R4 who is in Paris for some reason [together with Huw Edwards?]. I thought Naughtie had been shuffled off the "To-Day"programme because of his increasing verbal incontinence? Anyway, he interviewed a Professor Ramadan [sounds like The Goon Show] who says that we are now all part of "The New We" generation whatever the hell that means. Ah well, got Fargo tonight.