Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Having successfully militated for gay marriage, the BBC now wants the country to go transgender!

I noticed a headline on the BBC website the other day about a mother writing to her transgender son (supportively, I think). As there is literally no subject on the face of this planet that interests me less than trans-anything, I scrolled on. But it lodged in the back of my mind. Just how remorselessly, I wondered, has the BBC been drip-feeding transgenderism into the national consciousness since the start of the year?

Leaving aside all the nonsense about Bruce Jenner changing his name, slathering on make-up ,and squeezing into women’s clothing while apparently clinging on (as it were) to his membrum virile, was it just my imagination or had the BBC actually gone trans-crazy? I stuck the word “transgender” into the search box on the BBC site, ignored every story to do with Mr. Jenner, and began copying and pasting 2015 transgender headlines: here’s what I netted (before I got bored):

Kathleen Turner to star in transgender play

Referrals for young transgender people increase

The story of two transgender children

India's first transgender college principal

Transgender lives: Making the transition

Meet my transgender kid

India court asks police to help US transgender man go home

Transgender 13-year-old Zoey having therapy

Young transgender referrals more than treble in three years

Calls for transgender woman to be moved from male prison

Trident and Transgender Prisoner

Tax credits, transgender women, fur plus the consumer hour

Germaine Greer: Transgender women are 'not women’

Tara Hudson: 'I didn't choose to be this way’

Argentina transgender killings spark outcry

What's life really like for transgender people in the north east?

5 Live investigates: Witchcraft & Transgender waiting times

EastEnders casts transgender actor in transgender role on UK television

The challenges of being transgender and over 60

Jeremy Vine: Transgender DJ Stephanie Hirst

What's it really like to be transgender?

Transgender Lives (BBC Radio Scotland)

Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids

….and on and on and on. We’re currently in Phase 2 of the left-liberal cultural Marxist media mind-bending process - the “normalisation” phase. Phase 1 - “priming” - involves increasingly dropping a an unwelcome concept (mass immigration, gay marriage, transvestism, assisted suicide etc.) into the national consciousness so that we no longer automatically shudder, laugh, roll our eyes or fall into a deep sleep whenever it’s mentioned. The second - “normalisation” - involves a barrage of positive, feelgood stories, news items and programmes about the concept, designed to make us accept it as a perfectly normal fact of life. Phase 3 - “acceptance” - is when anyone who dares to raise concerns about the concept is treated as if they’re part of a tiny, pathetic, narrow-minded, emotionally-retarded, reactionary minority standing in the way of Progress - i.e. resistance is useless. Phase 4 - “coercion” - involves both the sanctification of those who embody the concept, and the punishment of “deniers” through ostracism, general opprobrium, and the threat of legally enforceable punishment.

When it comes to the desire to change one’s gender because of a conviction that one has been born “in the wrong body” - which many people would see as a symptom of mental illness - we’re reaching the end of the normalisation phase, and there are signs that the acceptance phase has already started (note the simulated outrage which greeted Germaine Greer’s insistence that a man doesn’t become a woman simply by having his genitalia surgically removed - for once, I find myself in agreement with the old trout). History has shown that there’s nothing much that can be done to halt this ineluctable four-stage process - but it’s heartening to learn that, according to the Guardian, the Interdepartmental Working Group on Transsexual People in 2000 estimated that there were 1,300-2,000 male-to-female and 250-400 female-to-male transsexuals in the UK. All this bloody fuss for a paltry maximum of 2,500 “gender dysphorics”. Pah!

I suspect the paucity of genuine, real-life gender-benders will see the cultural Marxists moving on to another spurious cause with which to épater la bourgeoisie - trans-species marriage or an insistence that satanists should be included on Songs of Praise or whatever. These morally deranged creeps began "priming" us to accept paedophilia in the 1970s, but met their Waterloo on that particular occasion. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually returned to the battlefield, probably just after the BBC has introduced quotas for transgender staff.


  1. You're not the first to suggest that cross-species marriage might be the 'next barrier' but my money is first on an attempt to normalise polygamy, followed by incest.

    As for the BBC, amazingly the Mail has been matching them. I've yet to work out how this process happens. I realise the BBC is prey to single issue pressure groups and the legions of the undead who enforce politically correct thought but I'm not sure what the route the disease took to infect into the Mail. I suspect social media and the paper's need to act as a click bait but there may be other forces at work.

    Somewhere in hell Gramsci is enjoying this.

    1. You'll be delighted to hear that a politically active Swiss artist, Thomas Hirschhorn, has erected a Gramsci monument in one of the poorest parts of the `South Bronx". Well he might - I'm surprised there aren't vast official sculptures dedicated to Gramsci in every Western city where liberal-leftists hold sway. I hate to admit it but he was a genius (albeit an evil one) given the wholesale takeover of the arts, the media and academia in the free world by cultural Marxists. As for enjoying it all in hell - he probably rules the place.

  2. "...while apparently clinging on (as it were) to his membrum virile". That does not count. The Meat and Two Veg has got to go. Ask the taxi-driver in Royston Vasey.

  3. The four steps of the Cultural Marxist media mind-bending process. Fascinating. This is, of course, a repeat of the Nazi's policy of "Gleichschaltung" ["forcible co-ordination"]. The difference in implementation is between force and insidious infiltration. Under the Nazis you ended up in front of Roland Freisler or in a deatch camp. In modern Britain you end up on "Question Time" being helium-harangued by Ms Abbott, but these are early days still and dark forces are concentrating. I suspect the first serious attack will come from the Climate Change brigade. The game is up as soon as the first denier is packed off to the Scrubs.
    Another small example. Is it my imagination or are certain advertising campaigns for financial institutions and furniture makers actively promoting miscegenation these days? If so, what is the motivation? Bernard Hogan Hogan, that is a comment not a judgement so there is no need to send round the racist-bashing squad. Thanks.

    1. Careful - everyone employed by Police Scotland (as they seem to call themselves) seems to spend every waking hour monitoring social media on the qui vive for evidence anti-Progressive thinking. Expect a call from their Political Re-education squad in the small hours.

  4. Gayle Newland has been sentenced to eight years in prison. She has been found guilty of being "an intelligent, obsessional, highly manipulative, deceitful, scheming and thoroughly determined young woman". How much would most politicians pay for that sort of PR?

    Ms Newland fooled another woman into believing that she is a man. No mean feat. It's easy enough for East German men to fool the world into believing that they're female shot-putters, but just try doing that alone together in a hotel room with nothing much on.

    In a transgender world, has Ms Newland committed a crime? Or was it a duty?

    And eight years? Eight? Seems a bit stiff.

  5. Don't worry - Gayle's talent for deception will probably ensure that she "disappears" from prison within a few weeks, only to re-emerge with a new identity as an MI6 field agent. She'd run rings around the opposition. "Oh, I'm not interested in your silly old secret plans, Achmed - just give me the briefcase, close your eyes and count to a hundred, and I'll give you a lovely surprise..."