Monday, 5 October 2015

No wonder mainstream Christianity is dying and Sweden's liberal democracy is DOOMED

"The Bishop of Stockholm has proposed a church in her diocese remove all signs of the cross and put down markings showing the direction to Mecca for the benefit of Muslim worshippers. "

No, really. You can read the whole story in Breitbart, here. Oh, but wait - it'll only be "temporary". Ah, that's okay, then: just a wee bit of an experimentette. Or it might be, if only recent history hadn't repeatedly demonstrated that once a deranged (or, if you prefer, caring, inclusive, compassionate, kindly, virtue-signalling) liberal-left measure has been foisted on an unsuspecting populace, cultural Marxists will use the new dispensation to push the envelope as far it will go, and quite a bit further. In Sweden's case, the envelope appears to be infinitely expandable.

If previous campaigns are anything to go by, what will start as a temporary arrangement to set a room aside for other faiths to worship their deities in a Christian church without the distraction of upsetting traditional symbols of the Christian religion will rapidly be declared such a ringing success that all the churches under the bishop's jurisdiction will be ordered to follow suit. Then cultural Marxists in other areas of Sweden will accuse their local clergy of cultural fascism and racism for dragging their feet, and they'll all eventually cave in. Many Christians will object, of course, and the more outspoken among them will be treated as reactionary pariahs and forced out of the church. Pretty soon, left-wing dementors in other European countries - and, of course, those parts of America where Democrats hold sway - will start militating for churches to be put at the disposal of the whole community, allowing them to be transformed into vibrant, dynamic, diverse multi-faith hubs - amorphous, neutral "spiritual centres". Obviously, the same demands will not be made of mosques, because that would be insensitive.

Given what Muslims have been doing to Christians in other parts of the world recently, I think the Bishop may be taking the concept of turning the other cheek to extremes. And if she's expecting gratitude, she can forget it: that's not how it works, lady.

Thanks to the success of cultural Marxism, the liberal democracies of the West have all gone a bit nuts in recent decades - but Sweden, as always, is way out in front: it really should be trussed up in a strait-jacket and left to thresh around in a rubber-walled room until it has returned to its senses. It has, as the Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist put it in this 2012 talk, turned into Absurdistan. I'd like to think the ruling elites in other Western countries are watching its decline, and planning ways to make sure it can't happen to them. But they're not, of course: they're probably treating Sweden's protracted exercise in cultural suicide as a blueprint for turning the whole of the West into Absurdistan:

Here's Pat Condell in a video posted last year, in characteristically pithy form:

God save us from our own folly. Seriously.


  1. Meanwhile, in other news, a British pretend academic has suggested that offices should ban staff from eating bacon sandwiches or sausage rolls for fear of giving offence to Muslims who, we are probably misleadingly informed, constitute around five per cent of the population.

    There isn't enough piano wire in the whole world....

    1. Funny, GCooper - I never realised you were a keen pianist!

  2. An upsetting, but realistic post. Ingrid Carlquist is a formidable personality. I am full of admiration for journalists who speak out against uncontrolled Islamic migration to the West because they do so in the knowledge that they are putting themselves [and their families] at genuine risk.
    In 2010 Thilo Sarrazin published a book "Deutschland schafft sich ab" ["Germany does away with/destroys itself"] which concerned the disaster to Germany of Islamic immigration and it became a best-seller. I think sales are about to pick up again. In 2012 he published "Europa braucht den Euro nicht" [" Europe does not need the Euro"]. He is a former member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank so he knows whereof he speaks. Neither of these books has been translated into English. Hope there is nothing sinister behind this?
    Talking of sinister developments I have been trying to find out what is happening on the current migration front [generally, where is everybody going and who is paying what?] , but all has been swamped by Political Party Conferences in the media and unlovable Lefties running around screaming at full volume and assaulting the innocent [where are Boris' water-cannons when you need them?]
    Jean-Claude Juncker and his bum-chums and their complicated titles seem to have either gone to ground or are engaged in a protracted circle jerk. Tusk [President of the European Council], Timmermans [The First Vice President of the European Commission] and Schulz [President of the European Parliament] - as Ray Winstone so memorably said when playing Henry VIII "...them fahkin titles is doin' me 'ed in!"
    I know it is not a matter for levity, but after the events of last Saturday I am all "tragedied" out.

    1. I couldn't find any English translations of his work. But, then, according to mainstream British media coverage, the only Germans worried about large-Islamic immigration are a handful of fanatical neo-Nazis, even though a glance at Wikipedia revealed this:
      "Polls suggest that almost half of the German population (including SPD members) agree with Sarrazin's political views and 18 percent would vote for his party if he started one."

      I'm sure we're all keeping our fingers crossed that what is happening to FIFA will soon happen to the various flaccid organs of the EU - another expensive, incompetent, corrupt and undemocratic institutution.