Saturday, 21 January 2012

Is Obama on zombie meds - or just plain weird?

If you get all your information about Obama’s presidency through British television, he’s evidently an extremely intelligent, highly moral, enormously popular man trying to get his country back on course despite constant acts of sabotage by a small group of powerful big business-funded fascist religious loonies who want to starve poor people to death, make blacks ride at the back of the bus...

...nuke every sonofabitch who wears a towel on his head, grow rich by forcing malnourished Third World rug-rats to work twenty hours a day churning out trainers for minus a farthing a lifetime, and accelerate Global Warming by  giving away gas-guzzling Humvees to every heterosexual white person in the land (except those who’ve had abortions, who’ll be melted down for cleaning products).

If you get your news from most other sources, you’ll have gathered that Obama is a lazy socialist who doesn’t like his own country or its allies, and has a hankering to turn it into a considerably larger version of Belgium, only with fewer distinguished people in it and a less successful economy.

When Obama announced the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq I heard some girlie reporter on BBC radio say something along the lines of: “It’s a war President Obama didn’t start, didn’t support, and vowed to end. And now he has.” (I’m quoting from memory – it may have been even more laudatory.) Surely, I thought, someone will have a word with the young lady to point out that BBC foreign affairs reporters have a statutory duty not to perform the journalistic equivalent of fellatio on foreign leaders. But then Mark Mardell has been ululating over in the Prez’s amen corner for the past three years, unchecked, in between bouts of speaking in tongues to the BBC’s baffled audience, and, one presumes, stretching himself over the nearest desk whenever Obama hoves into view, just in case the most powerful man in the free world should turn out to be a chubby-chaser.

In fact, British TV appears to be reporting America from a parallel universe, where employment has rocketed as a result of hugely successful stimulus packages, Obamacare has the whole country crying with relief that they’ll no longer be dying in the streets because greedy hospitals refuse to treat them, and Barry’s progress to a second term would be an absolute cake-walk if only those horrible Republicans would just stop telling so many damned lies about him. 

That’s right – our liberal media are reporting as fact how they wanted Obama’s presidency to turn out.

What I think about Obama obviously doesn’t matter, but for the record: he’s a cold, affectless lawyer who got where he is through positive discrimination; he’s a committed, huge-state left-winger who believes central government and its endless agencies, staffed by left-liberal “experts”, should be interfering in every aspect of American life (including the private lives of all its citizens), morning, noon and night; he hates capitalism – a system to which he is a life-long stranger; at heart, he despises America and its citizens (weirdly, he doesn’t even  have any time for black Americans); and he seems to view American history as one long catalogue of greed and oppression at home and abroad (ditto British history – he evidently can’t stand this country).

But what’s most puzzling of all is how bored he seems to be with everything. Even when he was pushing his second (pre-failed) stimulus package or arguing for squeezing more taxes from the rich (in a country where half the citizens don’t pay any income tax at all) he looked and sounded as if he didn’t believe a word of what he was saying -  and as if didn’t really give a toss whether the policies were implemented or not.

Maybe that’s his normal tone, and he just can’t help sounding as if he’s reading Gordon Brown's autobiography out loud. Or maybe he’s being treated for depression and the meds have turned him into a zombie.

Despite all that, the BBC – when it can bring itself to report that not all Americans (even some non-Republicans!) aren’t exactly one hundred percent behind their president’s policies – always adopts a tone of exasperation when dealing with Obama-deniers (on the grounds, I suppose, that all Americans are too dumb to question the lies being fed them by the fascist Right).

For a truly scary analysis of what makes Barack Obama tick, I would strongly recommend Karin McQuillan’s latest article in American Thinker: “Now We Know Who Was Right About Obama”. I’ve read lots of eviscerations of the man by the commentariat over the last few years, but this is undoubtedly the most interesting, and, I suspect, perceptive. The whole thing is worth reading, but I particularly enjoyed these two paragraphs:
Which brings us to the persistent question of who Obama really is.  He is not a traditional liberal, not a great help to the black community, not interested in protecting seniors or safeguarding our safety net.  He doesn't care about jobs, or he'd change from a failing policy.  He doesn't care about working-class Americans, or he wouldn't kill oil and gas development, a one-two gut-punch which jacks up gas prices -- meaning the price of everything -- and kills jobs.  He doesn't care about rule of law or clean government, but he does care about all the power he can grab.
 The only constituencies he has worked for are government unions and the greens, his radical base.  The two policies he focused on were ObamaCare and cap and trade -- two policies that promise to destroy American prosperity and power, permanently.  He does not act like a normal liberal politician, such as Clinton, who backed off from the unpopularity of attacking our health care system.  A normal politician would have made economic recovery a priority.  Obama did not. 
The possibility that America might grant this strange man a second term is truly terrifying.

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  1. I have just read this post. Coupled with the link to the Karin McQuillan article it is one of your best. Having finished it I watched the DVD of the 1973 film "Executive Action" with Lancaster and Ryan and thought bad things.

    The diminutive "Dame" Harold Evans quotes the passage from CBS's "60 Minutes" as well in which our Kikuyu friend asserts that his legislation and foreign policy was as good as any other President's "with the possible exception of Johnson, FDR and Lincoln" [see last week's Spectator]. Breathtaking arrogance. The Dame says this is [the use of "possible"] egotism masquerading as deference.

    When I discovered that Obama had been funded by the discredited ACORN organisation [the outfit that blackmailed banks into giving mortgages to ethnic minorities who could not repay them] the pieces started falling into place.

    And, as your chum Thomas Sowell remarks somewhere,in the meantime the Republicans are busily forming themselves into a circular firing squad...

    Like Blair before him Obama obviously regards achieving high office not as an end in itself, but as an item on his CV to enable him to go on to bigger and better things. A dangerous political development.

    Your post deserves a much more considered reply than this, but space etc. Great stuff.