Wednesday, 16 November 2011

So not all Tea Party members are white, racist Republican rednecks


  1. This tape shook me up. initially, I thought it was just another loud black demagogue with the gift of the gab running off at the mouth.Then I listened to the words. A powerful orator who has transcended the chippy race issue and speaks for everybody and dares to attack the charlatan Obama. Without notes. Very impressive indeed. And what do we have? Dianne Abbot and her little,smug spastic voice.

    Who is this magnificent lady? If you are going to run great tapes of people you could at least provide some background.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, SDG. I have to plead not guilty to the charge of providing insifficient background data - I know no more about her than you do - i.e. she's Barbara from Harlem - but if you look up this video on YouTube, there are a few more with her in it, talking sense. She must have one hell of a lot of feist, as a black Democrat from Harlem, getting up and talking this way in public - but she doesn't look like she scares easily! The liberal media - here and in the US - fawns over Afro-Caribbeans willing to badmouth their own country (e.g. Michelle Obama), but I suspect there are a lot of forceful, free-thinking patriots like Barbara (and my great hero, Thomas Sowell) who just don't fit the standard left-wing "victimhood" narrative, and whom the media probably don't have a clue what to do with.