Friday 24 December 2021

Scott Grønmark - Eulogy

(For anyone who wants to skip straight to the eulogy:


This is Alex Grønmark, Scott’s son. In June 2020, my father passed away after a protracted battle with pancreatic cancer.

He remained jovial, inquisitive, and a thoroughly decent human being right until the end.

Memories of my father range from an austere paternal figure, always ready to dispense advice, to an eternally boyish joker who knew how to find humour in whatever life threw at him.

(My earliest memories of dad are of him making other adults laugh uproariously around dining room tables…)

My father was, to me, two things:

  • A man with an encyclopedic knowledge of world history, politics, music, art, and philosophy (who would complain vociferously whenever Jeremy Paxman asked questions about science or maths — the only ones he couldn’t answer)

  • A man in his 60s who emailed me at least two videos per week of baby bears playing in the snow, orangutans making faces at each other, fluffy kittens, or a dog (his favourite animal) doing just about anything

As his son, I got to see a side of Scott known well by his closest friends: funny, caring, and passionately opinionated about the world around him.

My mother, Sara, is an unsung hero in the story. She remained a vigilant and consistent help right until the end — selflessly providing for dad when things became difficult.

Now, Scott has been excellently eulogised by his lifelong friend Roderick Conway Morris. The full transcript, with pictures, can be found at the following address: 

With much love and best wishes to all his friends, this is Alex, signing the Grønmark blog out for the last time.

P.S. we’re going to keep the Grønmark blog up as a memorial to my father’s thoughts. The opinions expressed may or may not reflect the beliefs of the management, but they certainly reflected Scott (a staunch opponent of cultural marxism, the decay of western civilisation, and Diane Abbott)

P.P.S. to anyone who’s been commenting on Scott’s blog, I will try and work through your messages and get them up on the site. When my father became too unwell to update it, he made the wise choice to switch comments to manual approval to avoid egregious SPAM.

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